Golden Globes to return in 2023 after skipping a year due to lack of diversity claims

Golden Globes to return in 2023 after skipping a year due to lack of diversity claims

The organisation behind the ceremony came under fire for having zero Black members.
10 Aug, 2022

The Golden Globes are making a comeback on NBC in 2023 after skipping out on their 2022 awards ceremony, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s sources.

In the run-up to the annual Oscars, the highest-rated award show of the film awards season had come under fire for racist and ethical concerns. The Los Angeles Times launched a campaign to expose The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) (organisation of non-American journalists and photographers behind the Golden Globes) last year. It revealed that the HFPA contained zero Black members and had engaged in unethical conduct and suspect financial practices.

This resulted it in severe backlash and a collective boycott by many, including a large number of Hollywood publicists. Prominent Black celebrities Kerry Washington, Sterling K. Brown, Ava DuVernay and TV producer Shonda Rhimes swiftly threw their support behind the campaign. Actor Tom Cruise even returned the three Globes that he had been awarded. NBC felt compelled to decline to air the ceremony in 2022.

The HFPA promised to work on their reforms and passed new ones but ultimately, it didn’t make any distinct changes and is considered shady by many. It is also on track to potentially become a for-profit organisation that will continue to pay its members $75,000 annually.

Publicists have softened their stance in the matter as the ceremony helps promote their business and clients. The organisation has taken this as an opportunity and formed an advisory committee with these publicists. They have also sent out briefs of their progress and intentions for the future to others, in which they declared that they have “answered the call for change” and “increased diversity, transparency and accountability.”

The network is considering January 10 as the air date, a Tuesday, as the Sundays of the month are occupied by other events.