Petition against Bollywood’s Ranveer Singh seeks to seize print copies of his nude photoshoot

Published 09 Aug, 2022 05:32pm

Images Staff

The petitioner also wants Paper Magazine's website blocked as they believe the photos would "deprave the mind" of public at large.

<p>Photo: Ranveer Singh /Instagram</p>

Photo: Ranveer Singh /Instagram

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Calcutta High Court seeking directives from the West Bengal government to seize all printed copies of Paper Magazine’s recent cover that carries Bollywood star Ranveer Singh’s nude photos.

According to The Indian Express, the plea was filed by advocate Nazia Ilahi Khan last week alleging that the cover photo is “obscene as per the opinion of the public at large”. Her plea also seeks to block the magazine’s website within West Bengal of India.

The petitioner reasoned that the picture of Singh would “deprave the mind of the public at large in West Bengal, especially of minors” and therefore the magazine needs to stop circulating.

According to the publication, the case is most likely to be heard later this week.

Singh is also facing an FIR filed against his controversial photoshoot in Maharashtra. The photos sparked furor online last month as Singh took his fashion game a little too far by losing all of his colourful clothing in one go.