Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar attaches his name with big artists for a claim to fame, says Resham

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar attaches his name with big artists for a claim to fame, says Resham

The actor called out the writer for dragging Mahira Khan on social media earlier this year and said he never had the authority to 'hire' an actor for any role.
03 Aug, 2022

Writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar’s controversial opinions on women and feminism are well known to everyone on social media, as are the very disparaging comments he made about Mahira Khan in April. He said he would always “curse” himself for the “sin [he] committed by casting her in a very sacred role in my Sadqay Tumhare”. Months later, actor Resham has come to Khan’s defence and called Qamar out for this comments.

Resham appeared on Tabish Hashmi’s Hasna Mana Hai on Sunday with Waseem Abbas. While doing a Q&A session with the live audience, someone asked the actors about their opinion on Qamar. While Abbas lauded his skills as a writer and the plays he had written, Resham acknowledged his achievements but pointed out the offensive remark he passed about Khan for simply tweeting about him getting one project after another despite abusing a woman on live TV.

“Limited to his work, I agree, there are only few people who write so well. There are only few who can pen dialogues of that level, like one or two, there’s no doubt. I pray that Allah gives him more respect but when I read on social media that he is after artists like Mahira Khan and says that he doesn’t want to give her a ‘chance’ — but you never gave that [in the first place].”

She gave an example about Abbas and how she started out in the industry with one thing in mind that “respect is the first of many examples of love” and never talked in a different tone with fellow artists.

“I’ve been seeing it for the past two years that he is after Mahira Khan and claims that he gave her Sadqay Tumhare. How did you give her that drama? That was given by the channel and the producer. You’re a writer and you wrote a great script and submitted it as a part of your job. Sometimes he attaches his name with a big artist for claim to fame and that too with whom? A woman,” said Resham.

The writer, who is active on social media and very vocal about his opinions, has not yet acknowledged Resham’s comment.

Approximately four months ago Khan had taken to Instagram and dedicated a post for her drama serial alongside Adnan Malik.

Qamar in response took to Twitter and had written, “I’ll always curse on me for the sin I committed by casting her in a very sacred role in my Sadqay Tumhare.”

A day after his tweet went viral for all the wrong reasons, Qamar then clarified that the reason why he went after Khan was her tweet that called him out for his behaviour on live television.

In the tweet Qamar had written that Khan had tweeted a day after the Marvi Sirmed incident and how he respect Khan before her tweet but her “language and cheapness” would never be forgotten.

Sadqay Tumhare showed two cousins, Shanno (Khan) and Khalil (Malik), who fall in love but their parents’ turbulent past casts a long, dark shadow over their relationship that can never be shaken off. The drama took a look at how an older generation’s mistakes have long lasting consequences for their offspring, altering everyone’s destiny in the process.

Qamar is also known for writing Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Kaaf Kangana, London Nahi Jaunga, Pyarey Afzal and Meray Paas Tum Ho.


MAK Aug 03, 2022 06:03pm
Resham, hardly remembered for any of her roles, is trying to remain relevant - well, she is not!
AZAM AKBAR Aug 03, 2022 06:06pm
"Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar attaches his name with big artists for a claim to fame," says Resham. Ms. Resham, It seems so.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 03, 2022 07:30pm
Birds of the feathers, always flock together.
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Aug 03, 2022 08:24pm
All senior citizen actresses like Mahira Khan, Reesham etc. are after a gem of a writer (Khali sahab) and probably the only writer with class left in the country.
Jeem Aug 03, 2022 09:14pm
Who’s this lady who is uttering absurd against a renowned genuine writer and intellectual !?
Viq saad Aug 03, 2022 09:28pm
This so called writer is trying to gain cheap popularity by sayijg stupid things which are not becoming of a literary figure. Mahira Khan is an international actress who have more than once proven her talents and will remain a leading lady on the industry.
Johnpauljones Aug 03, 2022 09:40pm
She’s spot on. Khalil ur rehman qamar has some merit to his writing but not so much to his grooming and values He’s deluded with a funny hairdo
Abs UK Aug 03, 2022 10:09pm
Sounds about rite.
Ijaz Aug 03, 2022 10:44pm
I think Resham is being generous. Khalil ur Rehman is not such a great writer as he's painted. Most of his work is reductive and predictable requiring no effort on part of the viewer. In my view a lazy writer for a lazy audience.
Roko Aug 03, 2022 11:01pm
Don't like khalil ur rehman n his dramas. I don't agree with his thinking about women.
Shahid Aug 03, 2022 11:09pm
As an artist Qamar is world class where as Reashm is nothing noteable.
Yasin Yusufzai Aug 04, 2022 12:09am
KRQ, in my opinion, as a writer in top 3 but as a human, bottom 3.
Khan Aug 04, 2022 01:46am
Look who’s talking! Flop performer …
Anonymouseee Aug 04, 2022 03:08am
Feminism is poison.
Rami Aug 04, 2022 09:07am
KRQ could have used better words, he has no remorse saying such words to a woman, gentleman will never do this ! plus, women wants to March, let them, why do man like KRQ, wants to gets so upsets with their slogans ! Few hours, they went back home, there were many women who are doing a good job, they really are not bashing men !
Rami Aug 04, 2022 09:11am
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Gem, writer use the aid of abusive words , why ? Plus, he sold his drama. It was the property of tv production house, why he is so fixed with so much hate! Get therapy for age fixed, you grow older every day !