Atif Aslam’s live calls with fans were some of the ‘most precious seconds’ of Aadeez’ lives

Published 01 Aug, 2022 04:08pm

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The singer had a long line of callers, some of whom he sang for and some who sang for him.

<p>Photo: Atif Aslam/YouTube</p>

Photo: Atif Aslam/YouTube

It’s not everyday you get to meet your idols but social media sure has made it easier. When Atif Aslam announced that he will be taking calls from fans, his fans, Aadeez, geared up with their gadgets fully charged to shoot their shot. The ones who got lucky had a lot to show for it.

On July 25, the singer released a video specifying the date and time slot for his calls with fans on YouTube. “Mark your calendars for July 30! From 3pm to 5pm, call: +923196106639. As promised, you all can finally get the chance to interact with Atif Aslam live this Saturday. He’ll be receiving your calls which will be recorded and published on the official YouTube channel. The number will be disclosed a day before i.e. July 29 on this post only,” read the caption.

Aadeez acted on it like they’d been preparing for it their whole lives — or since the day they stumbled upon the ‘Aadat’ singer’s music. The lucky ones who got through recorded their session and celebrated online.

Aslam sang for some.

And a cute little band ended up singing for him as well.

He posed for screenshots.

Others who didn’t record their conversations released excerpts from it.

In a nutshell.

Some fans almost made it but trust them, they’re fine.

But the ones who didn’t make it were in an entirely different ballgame, completing centuries.

They called for hours and settled with leaving messages, hoping he’d catch a glimpse of them somehow.

Others tagged him in their tweets to them him they’re naraz [upset].

It’s great to see the superstar connecting with fans and to those who didn’t make it — there’s always next time!