Netizens call 90-year-old Indian woman visiting ancestral home in Pakistan an ‘Indo-Pak dream come true’

Updated 21 Jul, 2022 12:50pm

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Reena Varma visited her old house in Rawalpindi after 75 years.

<p>Photo: Mubashir Zaidi/Twitter</p>

Photo: Mubashir Zaidi/Twitter

Millions were displaced and lost their homes during Partition and Reena Varma was one of them. To the delight of the 90-year-old Indian woman, she was given the opportunity to revisit her old home after 75 years and it was a joyful affair for all who witnessed it — in person or virtually.

According to NDTV, Varma reached Pakistan on Saturday to visit her ancestral home. As part of a goodwill gesture, the Pakistani High Commission has issued a three-month visa to the woman. She arrived in Pakistan through the Wagah-Attari border to see her house located in Prem Niwas in Rawalpindi.

She was welcomed with the backdrop of drums and flower petals as a crowd gathered to watch. Talking to the media, she only had a message of love to promote. “Only the youngsters can change the government. Because these are neighbouring countries, everyone should live together. Our culture is the same, so is everything else — everyone wants to unite, wants to live with love.”

Delighted to see this, netizens called it an Indo-Pak dream come true.

This move is certainly a win for love.

Pakistanis are cheering her on.

This Twitter user was impressed by Varma’s message of peace and thinks if acted upon, it would be the path to success for both neighbours.

Some netizens want to see more of this.

And some want to be in the same position and visit their homes.

We love seeing lovely gestures like this from governments.