Desis are losing it over Fawad Khan's 2-second cameo in Ms Marvel episode 4

Published 30 Jun, 2022 12:53pm

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Pakistani Twitter is way too excited about the actor's reported appearance in the next episode.

Photos: UrduMom/Twitter and SFK Bridals/Instagram
Photos: UrduMom/Twitter and SFK Bridals/Instagram

The moment we've all been waiting for is here — Fawad Khan has officially entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It may have only been a two-second cameo through an old photograph in a picture frame, but it was enough to fuel the Fawad fandom with ecstasy for the probable extended appearance in the next episode.

This Wednesday's Ms Marvel episode not only brought Kamala Khan to Pakistan but also broadened her exposure to her roots. She got a glimpse of her great grandfather Hasan — played by Fawad — and she was not the only one entranced by his picture — a whole lot of desi netizens were glued to their screens. Pakistani Twitter is filled with fans shrieking with excitement.

We're not sure we relate, but it's Fawad so we get it.

Not gonna lie, this is a great tactic to spike viewership.

Only Fawad can do this.

The crumbs have sustained the fandom for now.

But this is all of us thinking about episode 5.

From the main lead to nana, we accept Fawad in all roles.


Who would've thought?

Have you watched the latest episode yet?