TV serial Dobara is over and the last episode has left fans feeling all sorts of emotions

Published 16 Jun, 2022 12:17pm

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People are split into two groups — those that liked the ending and those left confused.

People have been talking about Hadiqa Kiani and Bilal Abbas Khan's Dobara since its first episode made the way to our TV screens in October. Midway, netizens called it out for being slow-paced and changing the narrative but at the end the drama redeemed the male lead and split netizens' opinions. Half enjoyed the happy ending while others argued that it was rushed and unnecessary.

The drama is about a woman named Mehrunissa (Kiani) who goes against society's dictates on how a widow must live. She meets Mahir (Khan), who becomes an ally and eventually her husband with whom she faces life's ups and downs.

One Twitter user wrote that the drama will always be close to their heart.

Another user complimented both the actors on their performances and said they made everyone live through each of their emotions shown in the drama.

One was in awe of their on-screen chemistry.

One user believed this was evidence that "love can repair people", even Mahir.

For this Twitter user, the last episode was good enough to make him forget the last two. However, he did mention that the end felt "abrupt".

One user felt that though the show ended on a good note, it left a bad taste and Mehru deserved better.

This netizen felt sorry for Khan and wrote, "given the actor that he is most of the dramas under his names become disasters around the midmark whether it be Cheekh, Dunk and now Dobara."

For one user, the show left a lot of questions unanswered. The ending was "badly managed" and was "terribly disappointing".

Another user just pointed out that showing Kiani as a stereotypical older woman with glasses in the 10-year time jump was "senseless".

This user wasn't happy that Mehrunissa and Mahir ended up together. "Mehru should have moved on with her life and let Mahir be alone. She didn’t leave her ex husband nor Mahir even though both were cheaters," they wrote.

The show also stars Usama Khan, Zoya Nasir, Naumaan Ijaz, Shabbir Jan, Sakina Samo, Angeline Malik, Nabeel Zuberi, Maheen Siddiqui and Sabeena Syed.

Since it was aired on Wednesday, the last episode of the show has garnered 1.9 million views on YouTube.