K-pop boyband Blitzers is in Lahore and their social media updates are intriguing us

K-pop boyband Blitzers is in Lahore and their social media updates are intriguing us

The group has been posing with historical structures in person and in 2D cartoon form.
Updated 11 Jun, 2022

Is it a music video? Is it a world tour? Is it just some tourist action? South Korean boyband Blitzers is in Lahore and though it's not clear why, their social media updates have us amused and confused at the same time.

Pakistan's got a large Korean fanbase where K-dramas, K-pop and Korean food are concerned and it looks like Korean celebrities are getting a whiff of it. It has been mere days since YouTuber Daud Kim left the country after around a month's stay, promising to return but Kpop band Blitzers beat Kim to it and we can't help but wonder what they're up to.

Lahore is known for its rich cultural history — is the band using the historical structures as a backdrop for their next music video?

They seem to have 2D acrylic versions of themselves that travel with them and are featured in the places they visit. We're not sure what's going on but at least we got a group sighting, as confused as we may be.

Is "open sesame" a clue?

Korean Superman?

Naan kabab for all — yes, even the cartoons.

Acrylic figures must touch grass.

Location reveal!

Some silly pictures to keep it cute.

Though we're yet to understand what they're doing here, that is not stopping netizens from inviting the band to their cities, bribing them with good old biryani.

Blitzers was formed by Wuzo Entertainment in 2021. The group consists of seven members: Jinhwa, Go_U, Juhan, Sya, Chris, Lutan and Wooju. The group debuted on May 12, 2021.

Do you know what they're up to?