Ranveer Singh's 'Dadho Sutho' has won netizens' hearts with his Sindhi representation

Published 10 Jun, 2022 01:52pm

Images Staff

He posted an ad in which he speaks Sindhi and some Twitter users believe the actor is shooting his first Sindhi film as well.


There's nothing we love more than representation — even if it's across borders. Bollywood star Ranveer Singh recently starred in a Sindhi commercial and Sindhi netizens are happy their language is being promoted by the "superstar".

The 83 actor posted the ad on his Instagram on Thursday and wrote, "DADHO SUTHO!!!" He added the hashtags #astralpipes #astrallimited #dadhosutho and #sindhifilm to the caption.

The ad featured a man showing off his lavish bathroom to Singh, pointing out his expensive purchases in Sindhi. The Padmaavat actor responded with "dadho sutho [very good]" each time. In the middle of the show and tell, the chandelier breaks off and crashes into a wall from where a pipe starts leaking.

Singh talks about how the man spent so much on the decor but was stingy about the pipes and faces the camera, asking the audience to switch to the advertised brand.

The flashy, comical advertisement caught attention on both sides of the border and the majority of Sindhi netizens are happy about finally some Sindhi representation.

They're even more happy about the "superstar" playing the central role. Singh is, after all, Sindhi himself.

They thanked him for promoting the language and celebrated the actor for the ad.

While "Ranveerians" fangirled about the ad, one user pointed out the overly enunciated accent.

Most comments included cries of "dadho sutho" echoing back in response.

Twitter users also seem to be under the impression that a Sindhi film called Dadho Sutho is coming out soon, starring Singh. They've posted a photo of an article that states so and if it is true, netizens are happy about the possible boost to Sindhi artists.

What do you think about the Sindhi representation in the commercial?