Mahira Khan's Aik Hai Nigar wins Best Asian Film Trophy at Septimius Awards

Mahira Khan's Aik Hai Nigar wins Best Asian Film Trophy at Septimius Awards

The film's co-producer Nina Kashif accepted the award on behalf of the team.
08 Jun, 2022

Mahira Khan's telefilm Aik Hai Nigar, based on the life and career of Lieutenant General Nigar Johar, Pakistan's first female three-star general, has won the Best Asian Film Trophy at the Septimius Awards.

Nina Kashif, the film's co-producer, attended the ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of the team. On Wednesday, she re-shared Instagram stories celebrating the win. Actor Yasir Hussain and talk show host Asim Tiwana were among the well-wishers.

The Septimius Awards, held from June 6 to June 7 this year, are an award ceremony aiming to discover and encourage new independent talent from around the world. The primary objective of the Septimius Awards is to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the film in all genres.

"Honoured to be able to play a woman I admire so much. Pakistan Army’s first female Three star General. Aik Hai Nigar traces the life and career of Lieutenant General Nigar Johar. What a life, what a story… to know her, is to know one of the greatest we have amongst us," said Mahira about her role.

The telefilm released in October last year. Apart from the Humsafar actor, the telefilm also starred Bilal Ashraf, Khushal Khan, Sohail Sameer, Sara and Iman Shahid.

Made for ARY Digital, the telefilm has been written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Adnan Sarwar. Mahira and Kashif produced the film under the banner of their production house Soul Fry Films.

Congratulations to the Aik Hai Nigar team!


M. Saeed Jun 08, 2022 06:14pm
Congratulations Mahira for your sterling performance and resulting award.
Viq saad Jun 08, 2022 07:48pm
A true talent in Pakistan. Well deserved recognition, congratulations to Mahira for a great performance.
Samina Jun 08, 2022 09:56pm
It's good effort along with good acting It deserves win shield
Syed Ahmed Jun 08, 2022 10:04pm
Many congratulations to M k
Maximus Jun 08, 2022 10:08pm
a very sus title for a movie!
Zartaj Gul Jun 08, 2022 10:43pm
Has anyone seen the movie or heard about these awards ?
A Jun 08, 2022 10:48pm
Nigar was great women yet she had bad experiences with seniors and peers.
Simba Jun 09, 2022 03:00am
Never heard of this septic award.
Asif Jun 09, 2022 05:10am
Who else could have won rather than boots?
Iftikhar Rana Jun 09, 2022 06:34am
Congratulations-very well deserved award-what a gifted talent
TPA Jun 09, 2022 06:42am
No old hags please.
Factotum Jun 09, 2022 07:19am
Excellent movie
Mansur Ul Haque Jun 09, 2022 07:28am
Why so much projection to an individual?
khan s Jun 09, 2022 07:41am
This is great! Shows you men and women are 100% equal in our country unlike other Muslim countries.
time_travel Jun 09, 2022 08:44am
Mahira is country’s treasure
Mani Jun 09, 2022 09:59am
Are these awards organized by Ispr?