Iffat Omar has decided to quit acting and focus on social media instead

Published 02 Jun, 2022 01:27pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The former model told Images she'll only consider coming back for a really good script.

Photo: Iffat Omar/Instagram
Photo: Iffat Omar/Instagram

Former model Iffat Omar is an actor no more — she has decided to shift her attention to a different platform and focus on social media work instead.

"I have decided to quit showbiz because the work is so bad and I criticise it myself. To do the work yourself and then critique it as well doesn't feel right," she told Images.

The model did, however, say there are chances of her returning, though it would be conditional. "If ever in life I'm offered a really great script, I will think about it — otherwise I'm done," she said.

When asked about what her professional endeavours would look like now that she has left the industry, she replied, "I have quit acting but will keep doing my social media work."

Omar was part of the cast of Mushk-e-Khaak, a drama that has received a lot of backlash for glorifying violence and rage in the name of love. In an interview with BBC News in February, the actor revealed that though she's affiliated with the project, she doesn't agree with all of it. "I'm part of the project but I'm against showing the violence. I'm not in favour of that — sort of ashamed of it."