Things only get stranger in Stranger Things 4 and Twitter cannot stop raving about it

Published 01 Jun, 2022 03:02pm

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Netizens, including celebrities, react to volume 1 and join in the hype.

Photo: Stranger Things Netflix/Instagram
Photo: Stranger Things Netflix/Instagram

Caution: This story is FULL of spoilers.

Stranger Things is back with its fourth season and like its predecessors, it has us hooked. We've practically inhaled volume 1 and are waiting for volume 2 to drop in a month.

But we aren't the only ones obsessed with supernatural monsters, the unfolding mysteries of Hawkins and the 80s theme — the show is a favourite around the globe. It's top on the most watched list on Netflix in Pakistan as well. Netizens, including celebrities, have joined in the hype and reacted to the show.

Our very own Will Byers dropped a very out of context spoiler — and a hilarious one at that.

Even American rapper Doja Cat and singer-songwriter FINNEAS have had their minds blown by the show.

Mindy Kaling has a solid point.

This was all of us, really.

Some more out of context spoilers.

A roundup of all the squads.

This is inevitable.

And, yet.

What's your favourite part of season 4 so far?