Atiqa Odho doesn't think young actors develop connections with costars like her generation did

Atiqa Odho doesn't think young actors develop connections with costars like her generation did

The Pyaar Ke Sadqay actor hopes today's generation learns to "make beautiful memories on and off screen" as well.
31 May, 2022

Atiqa Odho has spotted a generational gap between today's actors and actors from her generation, and it's the relationships that are formed on set — something that goes beyond using skills on set.

On Monday, the Dasht actor posted a photo with her costar and friend, Naumaan Ijaz, and dedicated the caption to their friendship. She mentioned how this bond manifested in the onscreen chemistry, talking about how "kids" today don't operate the same way anymore.

"Years of friendship and trust always translate into creative work for us artists. Lucky are those that have lifelong friends in our fickle industry. The new kids coming in don't seem to have the same sentiment towards their coworkers as our generation did and still have," she wrote.

The Humsafar actor raised a valid point when she brought up the fact that coworkers need to make an effort to form bonds because they end up spending so much of their time together. She made a wish for the new actors, hoping they create memories they will cherish within and beyond work.

"I do hope the younger lot of actors build strong connections with people they spend so much time on sets with and care for each other. We make beautiful memories on and off screen so cherish each other as life is so short," she said.

The post came following an interview Odho and Ijaz appeared for with FUCHSIA magazine on May 18 to promote their upcoming project Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi. In it, the actors touched on the same topic and the Parizaad actor said their relationship on set is very light and fun, where they joke around and make each other laugh.

"Our work is very dry, if we keep work strictly limited to work, then you'll see what's happening in today's generation of actors — how they don't mesh well with each other. Us old actors take both [work and lighthearted fun] together," he said.

"It's like a family," Odho interjected.

Ijaz continued, "Additionally, because of us, today's generation will learn a good lesson and say they [old actors] don't have any ego issues, they joke around and tease each other. So it's a good, fun environment."