Midsummer Chaos is making a comeback this summer and Pakistani Twitter is already in chaos

Published 27 May, 2022 06:14pm

Images Staff

Netizens are looking forward to the meme material the Pakistani web-series will bring.

Photo: Qissa Nagri/YouTube
Photo: Qissa Nagri/YouTube

Midsummer Chaos is coming out with a second season and one thing is for sure — this summer is going to be anything but boring.

A group of Pakistani teens gathered mid-pandemic and produced a web-series last year that, if nothing else, allowed for some Gen Z representation — something our TV shows lack despite Pakistan having an overwhelmingly large population of young people.

The premise for the show was appealing enough but the relatability factor was lost on most streamers due to the narrative applying only to a small section of society. When Midsummer Chaos aired, it instantly became the butt of memes and tweets poking fun at it.

It was inevitable for the announcement of the second season to meet the same fate. Ahmed Sarym, the creator of the show, posted the update in a tweet on Thursday.

Pakistani Twitter has not rested since — it has already filled up on jokes, paying ode to the predecessor.

Some users are "low-key excited" for the comeback.

Others have got different crises on their minds.

Netizens are manifesting what they want to see in season two.

This user has a keen eye for detail.

Without a doubt!

Will you be watching season two?