Joyland is repping Pakistan at Cannes but did the team pass the style vibe check?

Joyland is repping Pakistan at Cannes but did the team pass the style vibe check?

A sartorial overview of what the team wore at the film festival.
23 May, 2022

Team Joyland is representing Pakistan at Cannes this year and we could not be more overjoyed but do we like the way they presented themselves?

Cannes may be a film festival but it's a public appearance that the world is eyeing so it's expected for the attendees to glam up accordingly. It is a given that no matter what someone chooses to wear, it will be criticised to the bone. This adds a lot of pressure but that should aid in the process of filtering out looks.

Team Joyland included filmmaker Saim Sadiq, director Sana Jafri, producer Apoorva Charan and actors Sarwat Gillani, Sania Saeed, Ali Junejo, Alina Khan and Rasti Farooq.

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

The group is definitely not required to coordinate their outfits but their joint entry and subsequent group photos led to a lot of visual clashes. The colours are going in every direction and so are the styles.

Gillani seems to have played it safe with the all-white, simple dress by Sania Maskatiya and thin-strapped Tom Ford heels. Though a minimalist look can appear quite elegant, we feel like there could have been more experimentation with the sleeves or the neckline that would add some oomph to the look.

The outfit the Churails actor flaunted before her official appearance was more interesting, with the lace and pleated white top, and embroidered, bright bell bottoms.

Farooq and Junejo's decision to twin with the suits was an interesting one — they even wore the same shoes.

We think the City of Smiles actor matched her suit with a shirt that complemented the colour of the blazer far better than Junejo's did which, with the added stole, looked something you'd wear to a wedding.

Khan joined in on the wedding glam with her pink blouse and yellow sharara whilst Saeed went for a look more suitable for a basant festival with the deep blue print. Jafri's look could've worked better without the contrasting dupatta that's covering up her form.

Lastly, Charan's bright pink top has taken frills to the next level — it is more sleeves than shirt.

The Joyland team's second look, however, suggests they got the memo and stepped it up. More glitter, more glamour, bow-ties and deep colours overall — they definitely brought some pizzazz with this one.

Photo: Sarmad Khoosat/Instagram
Photo: Sarmad Khoosat/Instagram

We're loving the classic red sari on Khan paired with a chunky choker, Gillani's updo that draws attention to her shimmery green solid outfit and Charan's metallic green dress with a twist.

Farooq's leggings with those heels we can't help but eye critically and though Saeed donned a desi wedding outfit, we can appreciate her bringing a taste of Pakistan to Cannes and representing us off screen as well.

What do you think of team Joyland's looks at the festival?