Zainab Salman's new campaign Pyaare Baba is a tribute to fathers who 'raised beautiful, strong daughters'

Zainab Salman's new campaign Pyaare Baba is a tribute to fathers who 'raised beautiful, strong daughters'

The designer chose a very personal theme, saying she wants to connect with people through their emotions.
16 May, 2022

Designer Zainab Salman is using her art form to tell her father things she hasn't been able to say to him her whole life but his may not be the only heart she touches.

A tribute to all fathers who've raised strong daughters, the campaign aims to connect with the designer's community, encourage growth by sharing something very close to her heart and shake the status quo in fashion.

"My dad never said much. I don’t recall a time when I could say ‘I love you’ to him because it was always a very formal relationship. Through this campaign [Pyaare Baba] that I have addressed to him, I want to say all those things to him that I could never say," she captioned the post.

"There is a sense of grief yet a sigh of relief for finally I could express my love for him in words and in my work Pyaare Baba — it’s what I’ve been meaning to say all my life," she added.

"A tribute to all the fathers who have raised beautiful, strong daughters. Dedicating this campaign to my father," the designer opened up with this message before revealing the campaign. The video features model Zara Peerzada in a grand ensemble as she pens a letter to her father that becomes the narration for the clip.

Salman said the campaign consists of a formal collection that has "adapted to traditional techniques and silhouettes amalgamated with contemporary aesthetic. It is sophisticated hence giving a fresh perspective to formal wear." She said the collection itself is a series of delicate fabrics with beautiful embroidery consisting of sequins and crystals all over. "The pastel, dazzling lehngas are a sight for sore eyes," she said.

When asked why she dedicated this campaign to her father, she revealed that she's always had a very formal relationship with her father. "He never said much. I don’t recall a time when I could actually say to him 'ke mai aap se bohat mohabbat karti hoon [that I love you very much]' or even a simple I love you. I was always so intimidated by him!

"It wasn’t until last year that we almost lost him and I realised how madly I love him and how I have come so far in this journey just because of his constant yet quiet support."

The designer admitted that these are the words she can't say to him till this day which is why she chose to tell him through her campaign Pyaare Baba because she's aware he watches every single campaign of hers.

Salman's inspiration behind this campaign was the desire for her brand to "break the status quo and build a brand that’s more than just fashion". According to her, her fashion label is stressing upon community growth through people and their emotions. "Hence I wanted to bring my personal relationship with my father [to be brought] forward through this campaign," she said.

Talking about her journey, the designer shared that she has had her ups and downs but with every bump, she grew and hopes to keep growing, both in her personal and professional life.

Future plans for Salman include breaking stereotypes of fashion, redefining rules of fashion to make it more accessible.