'If you want me to stop talking, they should stop killing': Bella Hadid on Instagram's Palestine censorship

'If you want me to stop talking, they should stop killing': Bella Hadid on Instagram's Palestine censorship

The Palestinian-American model said she will "continue to come forward with peace" to speak against violence against her people.
18 Apr, 2022

Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid has used her voice to stand up for her fellow Palestinians in the past and she recently reminded her followers — particularly tagging Instagram — that she will continue to speak against the violence no matter how the social networking service may try to "censor" and shadow-ban her.

Hadid posted a series of videos of atrocities committed against Palestinians by the Israeli military and urged her followers to "watch every one of them." She then posed a question: "Which one of these people provoked this kind of attack?" The purpose was to prove that innocent people are being "terrorised for absolutely zero reason."

"If you really would like to silence me — just like the journalists — or really anyone trying to educate about Palestine, Instagram, I will continue to come forward with peace, showing factual information about how the IDF [Israel Defence Forces], Israeli government and settlers attack innocent Palestinians for no reason except for simply being Palestinian," the model wrote in the caption.

She termed it a "breach of human rights" and said if the social networking service continues to censor the people raising their voice for Palestine, it would be "the biggest form of bias and unjust censorship."

The model reminded her followers that all of this is real and has real consequences. "I am not here to make this up. Believe me, I do not want to have to post this kind of terror. These are not actors. These are real IDF soldiers (who are supposed to protect) and real Palestinian people with lives, families, jobs, history and souls," she said. "If you want me to stop talking, they should stop killing."

Hadid mentioned that the excuse for unprovoked attack she has frequently heard is that Palestinians were "asking for it" or that "they had a knife." She denied these accusations calling Palestinians peaceful people. "Absolutely not. As you can see here, these are peaceful people, most of the time with their children, praying or just … living."

She added that there can be extremists on both sides, as in any part of the world, but that does not merit the slandering of her people. "I will not continue to sit here and have my people's name be slandered as if they are constantly doing something wrong to deserve this kind of abuse," she added sternly. "Absolutely UNPROVOKED abuse. In their home and on their land that they have lived in for hundreds of years. Especially now, during the holy month of Ramadan."

"This is unprovoked," she concluded.

Hadid had also posted about Instagram's shadow-ban on her stories, being open with her followers about how she was being censored due to her pro-Palestine content. She posted a screenshot of a post with the option to reshare on her story not available, captioned, "Here we go again."

The model also reshared a Palestinian content creator's post about this "blackout" of Palestinian content, with Instagram labelling it "sensitive content." The content creator reminded her followers that no such media censorship was seen when it was Ukraine that was at the centre of violence.

"The sea of black sensitive content screens will turn into a sea of Palestinians sharing, educating and showing the world how we will never stop fighting for our human rights," they concluded.

It is extremely brave of Hadid to keep using her platform to raise her voice against injustice in Palestine and the general injustice against Muslims considering how she has been admonished for it in the past. The model has been vocal about Palestinians rights, discrimination against hijabi Muslims and the world's ignorance of violence in Muslim countries. Her stance has cost her some expensive brand deals and she has even been personally targeted by the Israeli government, her words twisted and called "anti-semitic." It is commendable that she risks it all to take a stand against what she believes is wrong and she sets an example for how an influencer crucially can impact very real situations.


Ahmed Apr 18, 2022 01:03pm
Malala please condemn the Jews!!!!
mark Apr 18, 2022 01:18pm
Shame on Israel !
Vigilante Apr 18, 2022 01:20pm
Shame on the Western world for turning a blind eye to the plight of Palestinians and occupied Kashmiris.
funnyman Apr 18, 2022 01:31pm
@Ahmed Bella Hadid is not condemning Jews you Nazi She is condemning Israeli State Learn the difference and do not project your racist mindset on others. Racism has no place in Islam nor anywhere else
NYS Apr 18, 2022 01:36pm
The very brutality happening for past many years even Muslims community protest high scale like islamphobia but no awakening
Adi Apr 18, 2022 01:46pm
@Ahmed agreed Malala please support Palestinians and condemn Jew's atrocities.
M. Saeed Apr 18, 2022 01:50pm
She is really an honorable Palestinian, even in her present stage of comfortable life in safe place.
Johnw Apr 18, 2022 02:12pm
Most of the companies this women work and model for are Jewish owned. If she really feels so strong,stop modelling for these people. If not stop talking about Palestinian,it's disgustingly hypocritical trying to be an activist while making money at the same time.
Zulfiqar. Apr 18, 2022 02:14pm
Some people have a lot of guts. Her activism is truly inspiring.
Umar Apr 18, 2022 02:36pm
The phrase absolutely not rings a bell .. The last person to utter this ended up with no government
Anonymouseee Apr 18, 2022 02:40pm
A very brave lady indeed. Unlike the puppet Malala who is enjoying western life.
Syed Hasni Apr 18, 2022 03:39pm
I must say the Tag line Bold and Beautiful is for Bella !
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 18, 2022 03:59pm
Once again, she is 100 percent right.
Cye Apr 18, 2022 04:57pm
Where is the West???
Ed Apr 18, 2022 05:08pm
@Johnw at least she’s being vocal about it unlike many others
Imtiaz Ali Khan Apr 18, 2022 05:12pm
Thank you for posting these videos and they have been shared millions of times throughout the world. Here in Pakistan even Imran Khan shared it on his twitter thus going viral in matter of minutes support for Palestine in Pakistan is very strong. Nothing will change that unless justice is done for Palestinians of all faiths.
skb Apr 18, 2022 05:34pm
@funnyman Thank you . They write their hate. with out understanding.
skb Apr 18, 2022 05:35pm
@Adi You are another one hate monger.
skb Apr 18, 2022 05:39pm
@Johnw Most companies she works for are corporations. All jews are not Zionist mind set like Israeli IDF. She is brave, independent and make a lot of money for these companies.
Irish Lad Apr 18, 2022 05:51pm
Being Jewish is OK but being Zionist is not! The world knows the truth. Thank you Bella. Ireland stands with Palestinians because we know what oppression is all about.
Ahmad Apr 18, 2022 06:15pm
Peace for Palestinians and Israelis, I urges both Israel and Palestine to sign a peace deal immediately and love and respect each other’s like a good neighbor’s.
You are art Apr 18, 2022 06:56pm
Shame on Europe and USA hypocrisy.
Arij H Khan Apr 18, 2022 10:34pm
FA Apr 19, 2022 03:14am
Where are these humanitarian organizations? They are keep torturing and killing innocent for people. Shame on all west with double standards. In India, Hindus are terrorizing Muslim and no one is saying anything. All are hypocrites.
Jai Mahakaal Apr 19, 2022 06:10am
Does anybody care about your irrational talks. I doubt!
SAS Apr 19, 2022 07:46am
@Cye UNO ?
Shirin Apr 19, 2022 09:00am
@Ahmed Zionists. Not Jews.
M. Saeed Apr 19, 2022 01:40pm
@Johnw, CocaCola is also Jewish owned, so is almost 80% of Hollywood.
PakSwine Apr 19, 2022 06:58pm
@Cye Check your compass.