Celebrities throw their weight behind Imran Khan both online and at protests

Celebrities throw their weight behind Imran Khan both online and at protests

Actors including Syra Yousuf, Zara Noor Abbas, Muneeb Butt, Haroon Shahid and others attended protests to support the former PM.
11 Apr, 2022

Over the past couple of days celebrities have been taking to social media to throw their weight behind former prime minister Imran Khan. Earlier, they expressed their disappointment in the no-confidence motion tabled against Imran on March 8. The subsequent vote ousted the PM, leading to more celebrity disgruntlement online.

Imran was removed from his position soon after the result was announced, causing a ruckus on social media. Celebrities joined PTI supporters in their protests both online and in person.

Syra Yousuf, Zara Noor Abbas, Haroon Shahid and other stars attended protests organised by the PTI in cities across Pakistan. Sinf-e-Aahan actor Syra and her sister Palwasha shared pictures and videos of the protest on Instagram.

Badshah Begum actor Abbas also shared clips from the protest on her Instagram stories and wrote, "Pakistan zindabad, Imran Khan zindabad [long live Pakistan, long live Imran Khan]."

Actor Sana Javed shared clips posted from the PTI and Imran's official Instagram accounts and chanted "Ai Ai PTI" as well as "Pak sarz zameen shad bad" in an Instagram story.

Actor and plastic surgeon Fahad Mirza reported live from the rally and wrote, "This is what happens when people believe in an ideology! A sea of humanity turned out in Karachi to protest the removal of Imran Khan without just cause". He also wrote that Imran, as a single entity, can be stopped but if we rise up together as one nation, we will be unstoppable.

"No corrupt system or corrupt mafia will be able to take advantage of us any longer! Let this be a lesson to us all… order to preserve and protect our country, our people, our children each one of us has to stand up and be counted!" he wrote.

Actor Usama Khan also shared photos from the rally held at Liberty Chowk in Lahore.

TV host and actor Azfar Rehman also shared a video clip from the protest in Lahore and wrote, "I'm so proud of my nation today. No one can defeat us."

Actor Sarwat Gilani also took to her Instagram stories by re-sharing an aerial view of the crowd gathered at Liberty Chowk and wrote, "This is what an unpaid crowd looks like! Pakistan Zindabad."

Actor Shahroz Sabzwari called the rally a "verdict" and wrote "we stand with our leader Imran Khan".

Veteran actor Atiqa Odho shared a throwback photo with the former PM and wrote that it is time to stand by Imran if people want to keep Pakistan "in safe hands and independent of foreign interference".

She also wrote that Imran should've been allowed to complete his term and that "political crooks" knew that if he did he wouldn't spare any of them. "They sold out to save themselves and didn't give a damn about what would happen to Pakistan. What would be more shameful then their behaviour would be us not speaking out at this time! Don't go down in history as a nation that didn't care," the Humsafar actor wrote.

Celebrities also took to Twitter to voice their support, including singer Annie Khalid who shared her experience from the rally. She wrote that random people at the protest were distributing water and drinks to the people with women being protected by random strangers who formed circles around them. "Men were making chains with their arms to help women with kids. It was heartwarming. This is Imran Khan's Pakistan," she wrote.

Actor Mahira Khan also penned few words for the former premier and said that though the last government was not perfect, the people of Pakistan "don't want history repeating itself again".

Actor-cum-singer Farhan Saeed also took to Twitter to express his opinion. The singer wrote, "What happened today is sad but trust me when I say, today starts the real revolution."

Singer Asim Azhar questioned the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and said that their actions have made the entire nation realise the importance of Imran even more. "Can’t wait for the next elections," he concluded.

Actor Sanam Saeed lauded the "power of the people" in her tweet as she re-shared a clip that Imran posted to appreciate the crowd that showed up "spontaneously" to support him.

Actor Shaan Shahid shared a photo of himself with Khan and wrote, "Tairay saath chal para hai ..yeh qaum ka samandar tujhay hara ker bhi jetaa dia hai tu muqadar ka hai Sikander [this sea of people is with you, this nation has made you win, even when you've lost, you're Alexander the Great]".

Actor Muneeb Butt, who has been vocal in his support for Imran also tweeted from the rally and said "we are not beggars" and that they will fight for the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Actor Bilal Ashraf wrote that this is just the beginning and that "united we stand for a better future, a better Pakistan".

Music producer Rohail Hyatt also tweeted and said that the nation just woke up and the images coming in from all over the country are a testament to this. "This is the real victory. No conspiracy can stand in front of this reality. This will not end till IK regains his rightful place as leader of the country," he wrote.

Actor Mariyam Nafees and singer Quratulain Balouch were also spotted at the rallies as they both shared their take on the political situation.

PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif is set to be elected as the new prime minister today. PTI's vice chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi has also filed nomination papers and voting begins today at 2pm.