07 Apr, 2022

We just learned of a crossover that we never saw coming — rapper-comedian Muhammad Shah (of 'Butt Karhai' fame) is going to be featured in the upcoming Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan series for Zee5.

Shah, who got a shoutout from Alia Bhatt after he made a song about her, shared the news on Instagram as did Asim Abbasi, the director of the series.

“Ours is not a story about Garmi, Hania or Alia. But these are the titles / subjects of the ingenious songs by the very witty, and the very strange @iamtheshah - his utter uniqueness caught our eyes and ears during the casting phase. Watching his first audition tape confirmed that this one is an oddball in the bestest sense of the word. Shah was equal parts mysterious and hilarious over the many months we spent together in Hunza. His hard work, commitment and undying energy even in the toughest of locations were always great fun to watch. Truly a chameleon in the ways he would adapt. His impromptu remixes of the dialogues into songs were the icing on the cake.”

Shah's own post was just as strange as Abbasi called him, but we dig it. He's going to be playing an "integral role in the series", according to a press release announcing his inclusion in the series.

We aren't sure what his acting style is going to be, but if it's anything like his music videos, it's going to be pure comedy. Shah's odes to various restaurants in Lahore, like Butt Karhai and Rizwan Burger, have taken the internet by storm and had people bobbing their heads along to him waxing poetic about the restaurants. His ode to Alia Bhatt came after his devotion to Hania Aamir dwindled — the actor got three songs dedicated to her, 'Hi Hania', 'Bye Hania' and 'Reply Hania'.

Speaking about the series, Shah commented, “This show is very close to my heart, especially because I have tried something very different from what I have been used to. Looking forward to the audience's response just like the love and recognition I have received for my rap compositions. I am very excited to work alongside seasoned actors like Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed and am glad to receive the opportunity.”

The yet to be titled series blends together magical realism and supernatural fantasy within a family reunion setting, and deals with themes of love, loss and reconciliation. It will air on Zee5 later this year.


CringeCop Apr 07, 2022 04:21pm
pakistani male ‘entertainers’ have mad beta vibes, don’t think i can ever look up to these clowns.
Ali Apr 07, 2022 06:20pm
Pakistani government has banned Zee5
Adeel Apr 07, 2022 06:24pm
Pakistan actors should be banned by the state for working for ZEE5. If Pakistanis cannot watch ZEE5 then why are these actors allowed to work for this Indian company???
Agha Asad Raza Apr 07, 2022 06:41pm
@Adeel Totally agreed