Ramazan special Hum Tum is breaking gender stereotypes and Pakistani Twitter loves it

Ramazan special Hum Tum is breaking gender stereotypes and Pakistani Twitter loves it

The drama is a "2022, modern and Gen Z rendition of a hate to love story" and airs daily at 9pm.
05 Apr, 2022

Drama Hum Tum, a "2022, modern and Gen Z rendition of a hate to love story," is here for a month-long journey in Ramazan and after just two episodes has won over viewers with its refreshing content by reversing roles and smashing gender stereotypes.

Starring Ahad Raza Mir, Ramsha Khan, Sarah Khan and Junaid Khan in lead roles, the story takes on the concept of opposites attracting as couple Mir and Ramsha clash till their hate transforms into love. The duo play college-going cousins in the drama and chemistry students are well on the path to develop chemistry of their own.

The first episode aired on April 3 and a new episode will release daily at 9pm.

Hum Tum may only be at the starting line but it has already developed a fanbase as viewers rave about the drama, characters and the storyline. Netizens particularly pointed out the "role reversal" with the women portrayed as "independent and ambitious" while the toxic "chauvinistic" male stereotype has been thwarted.

Viewers also enjoyed the diversity in professions displayed in the drama, especially professions that are overlooked.

Yes, sir! A dose of equality please.

Meaningful plot > overblown humour.

Scenes that have all our hearts.

Favourite character alert!

Meme-makers, it's your time to shine.

Step aside, the fan edits have arrived.

Looks like some parallels were drawn — keen eye, viewer!

Have you been watching Hum Tum? What's your take on the drama?


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Ten Jee Apr 05, 2022 02:39pm
It's Ramazan. How about switching off the TV and doing something REALLY useful instead. It's amazing to see how little time for entertainment those engaged in the Ramazan ibadat have. If you find yourself watcjing TV dramas and serials in the blessed month, you really have failed to grasp the basics. No surprise then that 'Pakistani Twitter' loves this drama .
Syed Hasni Apr 05, 2022 02:41pm
'Gender stereotypes stem from the distribution of women and men into social roles’- got it.
ST Apr 05, 2022 02:43pm
Fazool drama .fazool concept. What they want to prove?
Jigen.m19 Apr 05, 2022 02:50pm
Some non sense drama. And why do we Pakistanis always have to give a nod to things Indian? Could have used something other than Basanti. Enough of the slave mentality.
Chilgoza Apr 05, 2022 03:00pm
Aren’t you suppose to pray more in Ramadan and ask for mercy and forgiveness? Making dramas and shows specially for Ramadan is outrageous. Ramadan has simply become another month long event. Very sad this is happening in what we call a Islamic country.
Faisal Apr 05, 2022 04:02pm
why are they ALWAYS cousins?
Ali Apr 05, 2022 04:47pm
@Ten Jee please pay attention to something useful. Focus on prayers in this holy month and not watching and then making long comments on dramas.
Nsologar Apr 05, 2022 11:19pm
@Syed Hasni: Distribution of Labour and power: Unpaid Labour to women and paid labour & POWER to MEN!
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Apr 06, 2022 12:29am
Not even close to Suno Chanda and Chupke Chupke. Hum TV miserably failed this time.
Waqas Naseer Apr 06, 2022 04:57am
Gender stereo type could end when men and women get respected for their naturally given roles not by swaping it. This type of TV Dramas should be banned. They represent not the masses but few people interests.
AJ Apr 06, 2022 07:31am
@Ten Jee yes, really useful like paying for iftar or cooking iftar for others, being kind.
You are art Apr 06, 2022 09:49am
Nice, positive and funny, these haters commenting are in conflicts with themselves!
Akil Akhtar Apr 06, 2022 10:55am
Comedy was very lame could not stand the second episode, may not watch anymore.
Ehsan Apr 06, 2022 07:23pm
Why so much overacting. Would have been a good opportunity to actually learn how to ride the Vespa
Mrs. Akram's stan account Apr 07, 2022 01:05am
Who waste their time watching these useless dramas? wake up Pakistan