Thank you Strings for all the memories, love

Thank you Strings for all the memories, love

The band has broken up but our memories will remain forever. Here are our favourite Strings songs and why we love them.
26 Mar, 2021

Strings is no more and we're all devastated. Almost every Pakistani kid has memories of the two-man band and now that they have broken up, we're all remembering our favourite songs.

Everyone has different reasons why they love Strings and a different favourite song. The team is no exception so we decided to ask everyone what their favourite Strings song is and why it's so iconic to them.

Hai Koi Hum Jaisa

Siham Basir, Images Managing Editor

The energy, the music, the nostalgia. What's not to love? For me, this is the ultimate Pakistani song. It's what I wish our new 'patriotic' songs would be but of course they're never going to match up. The chorus is so iconic that even as an 11-year-old I was 'ae oh ae oh ae oh ah-ing' all over town.

Yeh Hai Meri Kahani

Yusra Habib, Senior Sub Editor Images

Intense and uplifting at the same time, this song is a vibe of its own. Just Strings, Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham casually jamming in a room with some BTS shots for us to feel like we’re almost there — but not quite. It's the only song that does justice to Anwar Maqsood’s inspiring poetry.

Surrounded by my closest buddies, fireworks and a mesmerised crowd, I got the chance to hear the iconic duo perform it live on stage last March, just a week before lockdown — and to think of that as my last memory of Strings gives me goosebumps and tears at the same time!

Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar

Zahrah Mazhar, Managing Editor

Who doesn’t love this song? It’s one of my earliest pop rock discoveries and the video with Faisal Kapadia’s pink guitar was “so cool” in the 90s. Also, nothing will beat hearing this song performed live and the absolute electric feeling of having the crowd sing along to it.

Ali Umair Jaffery, Administrative Manager

I was introduced to Strings by this song. There was an Eid party at our school and we took special permission from the principal to bring a cassette tape recorder for music. My friend told me that you have to listen to this song. I still remember he took out that spectrum cassette, put it in the tape recorder and played it. The moment this track started I instantly fell in love with it and since that day Strings become one of my favourite bands from Pakistan.

Anjanay Kyun

Fatima Azeem, Senior Sub Editor, Branded Content

If there was anything lit in the 90s it was the vibe of this song and Bilal’s soothing vocals on that peppy tune! The track has been part of some of my life’s most vivid memories; I still remember how the fam would jam to this song in the car while we drove past the city, turn the volume up to 100 every single time PTV played it, and sing all parts that ended on ‘kyun’ with an energy we’d dispense for no other song. With Strings gone, it feels like there will always be a void in my heart that no other music will ever fill.

Mera Bichra Yaar

Omer Hayat, News Editor

It was probably the coolest music video I’d seen at the time. Even though it looks pretty simple, but the video was something new for me. The colours, the concept: Just two guys chilling in a messy room, watching tv, eating, playing music. I mean as a teenager, this was the dream — spending summer vacations like this. And of course the song is brilliant, Bilal's vocals are amazing

Sheneir Khan, Interactive Producer

A memory associated with it is going to a Strings concert last year with my closest friends and singing all their songs, and then on New Year's night we had a bonfire at my house and we all sang Strings songs around the bonfire till the clock hit 12!

Urooj Imran, Sub Editor, News Desk

Every time I listen to it, it takes me back to my university trip when we were driving between the mountains in Hingol National Park with Strings' songs playing in the background.

Najanay Kyun

Shahzeb Ahmed, Editorial Consultant

It was my go to song when I was being melodramatic and thought my life was khatam after a bad grade or the end of a one-sided love affair. I also played it a lot when I was feeling homesick in the UK.


Aliza Anees, Sub Editor, Branded Content

I still remember when Sajni came out, it became my go-to song for every occasion, both happy and sad. We would have a full-fledged karaoke in the car with the song on repeat and just drive aimlessly through the streets, smiling to ourselves and feeling so full in our hearts.

What is your favourite Strings song and why? Let us know in the comments below.