Nickelodeon stars Drake and Josh were never actually besties

Published 19 Mar, 2022 05:29pm

Images Staff

Josh Peck says the feud started after he didn't invite Bell to his wedding after a decade of not staying in touch.

Photos: Josh Peck/Instagram and Drake Bell/Instagram
Photos: Josh Peck/Instagram and Drake Bell/Instagram

If you've grown up watching Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon like we have, hearing the name alone will hit you with a wave of nostalgia. The latest scoop on the two stars, however, will bring you back to reality. Josh Peck finally broke his silence on his feud with former costar Drake Bell that began when he chose not to invite his onscreen stepbrother to his wedding in 2017. Peck said they were "never that close".

“I didn’t invite him to my wedding, and the internet went crazy,” Peck recalled on an episode of the BFFs podcast released on March 17. He explained he had a small wedding and since he and Bell hadn't spoken to each other in many years, he decided not to invite him. He referred to their lack of communication as "a dirty little secret" he kept from the world so as to not disappoint fans.

“Cut to, I’m getting married that night. And I see these text messages from him cursing me out, coming for me… on the night of my wedding,” said Peck. He also brought up Bell's tweets from that night calling them a false narrative. Bell had shared — and quickly deleted — a series of indirect tweets airing his grievances toward Peck. “When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear.... True colours have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I’ll miss you brotha,” he wrote.

Fans were heartbroken to see the iconic onscreen duo part ways so publicly and there was a lot of disappointment directed at Peck and his spouse Paige O'Brien. This disturbed Peck because his wife is a private person and she was "getting torn down on the internet" for no reason.

Peck said he refused to comment, adding that he couldn’t explain to the public that the two were “never that close” because he didn’t want to be “the bearer of bad news.”

But a couple of months later, the two reunited at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) and seemingly reconciled their friendship. Both shared a cute photo of them embracing, captioned with an apt Drake & Josh reference, "Hug me...".

Peck invited Bell to make an appearance in one of his vlogs titled “DRAKE AND JOSH REUNION” that same year, and they seemed to have cleared the air between them but Peck went behind the scenes and revealed that there was more to the story than what fans saw.

He said he approached Bell at the VMAs and asked him to apologize to his wife "or something bad’s gonna happen" to which Bell responded by apologising to O'Brien.

Peck also claimed that their exchange at the VMAs was “pretty much” the last communication they had. “We were kids,” he said. “Obviously there were times where we were closer than not, but inevitably, when the show ended, I mean, we were just totally different kids.”

Bell was charged with attempted endangering children and misdemeanor child pornography involving a 15-year-old girl in June 2021. FOX 8 in Cleveland reported that Bell allegedly "engaged in an inappropriate chat with the victim that, at times, was sexual in nature." Bell pleaded guilty to one count of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and one count of attempted endangering children.