The not-so-euphoric finale of Euphoria has fans mad and we can relate

The not-so-euphoric finale of Euphoria has fans mad and we can relate

The next season airs in 2024, so all we can do is look at memes to cope.
01 Mar, 2022

Warning, this story contains spoilers for the finale of the HBO Max TV show Euphoria.

Euphoria has outdone itself with its second season — every week for the last eight weeks, Sunday was officially termed Euphoria Day for fans as the new episode aired on Sunday and right after that, social media was bombarded with reactions. The much-awaited and dreaded finale aired on Feb 27 and it has left fans despondent. From the epic showdown between Maddy and Cassie — something fans were cheering on — to the tension filled scene at Fezco's that quickly transformed into a heartbreaking one with Ashtray's impulsive actions, fans are still not over the emotional rollercoaster that was the finale.

Season two roped in a lot of viewers — the series nearly doubled in per-episode viewership in comparison to its freshman season and was also the number one most social premium cable episode since the Game of Thrones finale in May 2019. This led to it being renewed for a third season, set to release in 2024.

Fans have been struck hard and will need time to process the events of the last episode.

The writers have been unjust with Fezco and no one is okay.

Two years is far too long for a cliffhanger!

Ashtray with those guns really be reminding people of PUBG-obsessed teens.

It's been two days and no one is over the turn of events in Fezco's life.

They deserved better!

Though fans are devastated over Fezco's arrest, they can't help but celebrate Maddy finally taking down Cassie after she threw a fit in the middle of Lexi's play.

That slap is one of the most talked about things on the internet — fans are quite satisfied as they believe Cassie had it coming.

The two ends of the swinging pendulum.

Binge-watching 101!

All of us right now.

Having to wait two whole years for the third season of Euphoria and get answers to all those cliffhangers is way too long and we feel for fans of the show (and ourselves)! For now, we'll have to make do with fan theories, memes, re-watches and lots of ice cream.


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