Friends star Mathew Perry is publishing a book

Friends star Mathew Perry is publishing a book

Could we BE anymore excited for the book that is set to release on Nov 1?
11 Feb, 2022

The evergreen series Friends continues to be a crowd favourite even almost three decades since its premiere in 1994 and though the actors have aged, their characters live eternally in our hearts unchanged. You play the theme song in a room of youngsters and you'll find many voices singing along to it. The decade-long series only left fans wanting more so if the reunion had you in your feels, you're in for a treat because Mathew Perry who played Chandler Bing is publishing a tell-all memoir on Nov 1.

"So much has been written about me in the past. I thought it was time people heard from me," Perry announced his book release on Instagram.

"The highs were high, the lows were low. But I have lived to tell the tale, even though at times it looked like I wouldn’t. And it’s all in here. I apologise it’s not a pop up book," he wrote describing his journey, hinting at some tough setbacks along the way.

The book is called Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing which seems to imply he'll be talking about his career particularly the hit TV show, his personal life and possibly his alcohol addiction.

The cast of Friends had come together last year for a reunion special in May that aired on HBO Max. Hosted by James Corden, the reunion brought together all six of the main characters or friends — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Perry and David Schwimmer.

The untitled, unscripted special was more the cast reliving old memories and allowing viewers to relive them with them rather than an additional episode for the show. The cast revisited the original set and reminisced about the times they've shared together and the stories that came to life there. The special featured them naturally conversing with one another and it had everyone emotional on both sides of the screen; the cast and the viewers.

No one can enough of the show that ended almost 20 years ago — Perry even launched a merch line that grabbed a lot of attention.

Are you excited to venture into Chandler Bing's head?


Cye Feb 11, 2022 11:38pm
I heard friends actors used to make a million per episode. How much more he wants?
Ilovehelen Feb 12, 2022 04:40am
Still cashing on the Friends ?