Ishrat Made in China just released another teaser and we're hooked

Ishrat Made in China just released another teaser and we're hooked

Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Ali Kazmi, HSY, Sara Loren and Shamoon Abbasi all star in the much-awaited film.
09 Feb, 2022

There are a bunch of films releasing this year and among those is Ishrat Made in China. Another teaser for Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed's film was just released and it promises action, drama and possibly a few dance numbers.

Ishrat Made In China is an action comedy that's said to be a spin-off of Mirza's satirical show Ishrat Baji (2006). Mirza will be playing Ishrat himself and the cast members include his costar from Bachaana Sanam Saeed, Sara Loren, Ali Kazmi and Shamoon Abbasi, Shabbir Jan, Imam Syed, Salman Saqib (Mani) and Mustafa Chaudhry.

From the first look of the film, it's clearly Mirza versus HSY but we noticed that Loren also had some action scenes. Saeed, on the other hand, seems to have a lot of dramatic shots and musical sequences, giving us very Bollywood vibes.

The film is helmed by Mirza himself and was shot in Thailand during the beginning of the pandemic. The first look also follows a similar pattern as its first teaser with aerial shots, fight scenes, montages, dramatic shots from supposed music numbers and different location shots.

The entire cast had shared the teaser on Dec 17. The official trailer will be releasing on Feb 13. A confirmed release date hasn't been announced yet, however, it may be revealed in the official trailer this weekend.


Ehsan Feb 09, 2022 07:59pm
Please can the reviewers stop comparing everything with bollywood
nk Feb 09, 2022 08:26pm
I cannot stop laughing at the name
John Feb 09, 2022 10:58pm
Joke of the century
Sayyar Khan Feb 09, 2022 11:04pm
Made in China. Hopefully it’s not like the Products.
Dr. Salaria, Ahmed Part II Feb 09, 2022 11:32pm
Who in the right senses is ‘hooked’? Seriously?
Ibn-e-hassan Feb 10, 2022 01:26am
I think, I shart after watching this trailer.
Brovee Feb 10, 2022 04:39am
B grade movie in HD
Vijay Guru Feb 10, 2022 04:47am
Are you sure it is not contagious?
Asif Feb 10, 2022 05:23am
@Ehsan There is nothing in Bollywood worth comparing here, it looks to be a good movie, and looking forward to it.
nk Feb 14, 2022 08:10pm
@Sayyar Khan It is all how you do business with China. Chinese imports in US is of top quality.
Qamar Haq Feb 14, 2022 09:07pm
They use alot of colors. I dont know y?