Ishrat Made in China's cast and crew tests negative for Covid-19

Ishrat Made in China's cast and crew tests negative for Covid-19

According to Shamoon Abbasi, arrangements for Pakistanis travelling back home have been tweaked after their experience
21 Apr, 2020

After finally making it back to Pakistan, the Ishrat Made in China cast and crew has gotten tested for the coronavirus.

Shamoon Abbasi took to Facebook to reveal that they have also tested negative.

Sharing an update by the National Institute of Health, he said, "All 219 passengers of PK 8893 arriving from Thailand are tested #Covid negative and left for their respective locations from the hotels."

"Deputy commissioner Islamabad Mr. Hamza Shafqat and his team are dealing with the arriving passengers from abroad with care and good planning."

He added, referring to the previous mishaps the cast and crew went through, "I'm glad little amendments have been made after our experience."

Previously Shamoon Abbasi and Sanam Saeed had raised their voices regarding the treatment the team and other passengers were facing by the hotel management.

According to the two, they were told the accommodation would be free and then were sent to Ramada, which they didn't ask for, only to be forced to pay. DC Islamabad would respond to the claims by clarifying the newly issued SOP and that the "actors haven't paid a penny."

According to Abbasi's newest post, "We spent five days at Ramada Hotel, but ultimately the staff and managers of Ramada became like a family..."

"The next batch of passengers will have to stay for a lesser period though."

Sanam Saeed also shared an update about getting tested and thanked DC Islamabad for helping them.

Sanam shared, "In times of crisis we are all tense, nervous and vulnerable. It's okay to get angry and express your views - that's fear talking."

"Thank you to the authorities who helped resolve the issues and put everyone at ease. - Last obstacle is to get back to Karachi and stay in self quarantine for one more week."

Hang in there team!