Singer Billie Eilish pauses concert midway to get fan an inhaler

Singer Billie Eilish pauses concert midway to get fan an inhaler

"I wait for people to be okay 'till I keep going," the American singer-songwriter said during a concert in Georgia.
08 Feb, 2022

If you've been to a concert you know that they're loud and crowded affairs — to have the performer notice someone struggling amidst the commotion is a big feat and for Billie Eilish to not only see it but put her concert on hold until she made sure the struggling fan was doing okay has won everyone's hearts. The American singer-songwriter ordered the girl an inhaler and only continued after she was reassured everyone was doing okay.

The Grammy winner was performing at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on her Happier Than Ever world tour when she stopped her concert, seeing a fan struggling in the crowd. "Are we good here? Hold on, I've got you," she addressed the fan and asked, "You need an inhaler?"

Eilish then turned to her security team and asked them, “Do we have an inhaler? Can we just grab one?” In the while it took to get one, she reassured the fan "we've got one" and addressed the thousands of fans in the arena saying, "It's okay, give her some time. Don't crowd."

A few moments went by while personnel checked on the girl. Eilish said to the crowd, "We're taking care of our people. I wait for people to be okay 'till I keep going." Her statement was met by applause as she continually asked fan if she's okay. "I just wanna make sure you're okay. If you need anything you just let me know," she added before continuing.

The moment was caught on camera by numerous concertgoers and posted to social media, going viral. Fans were quick to compare her reaction with that of rapper Travis Scott's who kept performing at his Astroworld concert as an ambulance drove through the crowds to pick up victims of a stampede. Ten people died and Scott is currently facing almost 400 lawsuits.

Eilish fan or not, you've got to admit this was a commendable act on her part.