Mandy Moore wants a reboot of A Walk To Remember starring singer Olivia Rodrigo

Mandy Moore wants a reboot of A Walk To Remember starring singer Olivia Rodrigo

Moore starred in the original coming-of-age romance in 2002.
27 Jan, 2022

If there's one movie that really defines the early 2000s, it's A Walk To Remember. The 2002 film was an instant hit amongst viewers looking for some coming-of-age romance. The film's lead actor, Mandy Moore, thinks its time the movie got a reboot for the new age and for her, singer and actor Olivia Rodrigo is the perfect Jamie Sullivan.

Moore starred alongside Shane West in the popular 2002 film, playing the OG Jamie Sullivan who wins the heart of her high school's most popular boy (played by West). In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, she said she would "love" to see a reboot of A Walk To Remember and thought Rodrigo would do great as the next Jamie Sullivan. "I don't know, Olivia Rodrigo or something like that," the actor said. "Someone could redo this film."

Moore talked to PEOPLE magazine on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the film. "I would love to see [a reboot]. It's been long enough that, yeah, I feel like we've earned our place in cinematic history for a reboot at this point," she added.

Rodrigo was named 2021's Entertainer of the Year by TIME magazine. She skyrocketed to mainstream popularity after the release of her first single 'Driver's License' in January, 2021. In 2019, Rodrigo made it to High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, a reboot of the hit movies that starred Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

A Walk To Remember isn't the only memorable project we've seen Moore in. She's been starring in the popular NBC drama This is Us since 2016 and will be soon saying goodbye to the show which is now airing its final season.

“It’s going to be so horrific to say goodbye in a couple of months” when taping wraps, she said in December. “I haven’t really wrapped my brain around it yet.” The actor plays matriarch Rebecca Pearson in the decade-shifting family drama created and produced by Dan Fogelman — who she says has steadfastly resisted pleas to keep the series going.


Adnan Mazher Khan Jan 27, 2022 05:02pm
What an interesting story. I am trilled to know what a western actor is thinking. How low can we go?
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