Karachi's latest dust storm has blown in new content for Pakistani meme makers

Published 22 Jan, 2022 04:35pm

Images Staff

From reports of flying washing machines to waking up in Rajasthan, netizens find humour in the situation.

Photo: MShahriyal/Twitter
Photo: MShahriyal/Twitter

Karachiites are used to cool sea breeze but the dusty winds on Jan 21 took everyone by surprise. The gusty winds raged with all their might and brought more than just dust with them — Pakistani Twitter made light of the situation and turned the dust into gold in the form of memes.

Where people see trouble, meme makers see opportunity and lighten the impact of unprecedented events by making people laugh. From reports of washing machines flying to waking up in Rajasthan, netizens found humour in the situation.

"When I slept I was in Karachi but after waking up I feel like I'm in Thar's desert," wrote one user.

Live scenes from Karachiites waking up this morning.

Some of us were busy hanging on for dear life.

While others awakened their inner cinematographers.

This is what "enjoying" the weather looked like.

More live shots from the scene.

Amidst the chaos, a washing machine managed to escape this user's rooftop.

There were quite a few jokes about the storm versus Karachiites.

Getting dhaniya podina [coriander and mint] became an adventure.

We hope this user gets their shirt back.

Is this what looking at the bright side looks like?

A mood swing sounds about right.

Definitely all of us in the morning.

We hope the memes helped lighten the mood. On a serious note though, mask up and stay safe, the weather is hazardous and everyone needs to take precautions.