What's the best thing about Karachi? For many on Twitter, it's the people

Published 22 Jan, 2022 10:03am

Images Staff

The food, beaches, resilience and welcome embrace the city offers were also strong contenders.

There's a lot more to Karachi than just the sea and people on Twitter are opening our eyes to all the city has to offer.

It all started with a question — "What's your favourite thing about Karachi?" The tweet by RJ Sabah Bano Malik resulted in a sea of answers from Karachiites and non-Karachiites alike.

We'll start off with an easy one — the food! Everyone knows Karachi food is the best food in the country.

We're convinced — love for chai may be the secret ingredient to uniting the country.

You don't have to be from Karachi to call Karachi home and that's a fact!

There's more to this city than just beaches — the people are pretty resilient too. Despite everything they've gone through, the people of Karachi haven't lost hope, this user pointed out.

One user highlighted the city's ability to forgive all those who've been "unkind" to her. Actor Iqbal Theba pointed out that it's truly a city for everyone. "[The] rich can be happy anywhere but it’s for the poor that the city offers the most. Karachi ghareeb ka mai baap hei [Karachi is the parent of the poor].

We all know it's the people who make a place and for this user, Karachi has the best people.

Love for the people of Karachi apparently transcends city rivalries.

Some more had poetic answers for this "living organism" that we're lucky to inhabit.

There were simpler answers too.

There have to be some downsides, we guess.

One user believed Karachi is "cheerfully immune" to the inevitable drain tourists bring.

You can't mention Karachi without talking about the beach.

As Karachiites, we can't deny that there are a lot of things wrong with our city. There's pollution, crime and a host of other problems, but at the end of the day, it's home. Seeing the city through the eyes of people who don't live here has opened our own eyes to the beauty of our city and its people. What's your favourite thing about Karachi?