Encanto's 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' becomes Disney's highest charting song in 26 years

Encanto's 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' becomes Disney's highest charting song in 26 years

It surpassed Frozen's 'Let It Go' as the company's highest hit on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1995.
19 Jan, 2022

Encanto recently became Disney's highest-charting soundtrack, surpassing Frozen's Oscar-winning single 'Let It Go' as the biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit since 1995.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the catchy soundtrack, penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda is the biggest hit from Disney's collection of animated movies in 26 years and now sits at a cost No 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song — credited to Adassa, Mauro Castillo, Rhenzy Feliz, Carolina Gaitán, Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz, and the film's cast — has been streamed 29 million times, with 8,000 paid downloads.

According to the publication, the only other songs from Disney's animated films to make it into the top five category on the chart are 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin (No. 1 in 1993), Elton John's 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' from The Lion King (No. 4 in 1994) and and 'Colours of the Wind' from Pocahontas (No. 4 in 1995).

The musical flips the typical children’s movie script. Instead of few magical people amid a sea of ordinary, here the ordinary is weird. It starts with Mirabel Madrigal, a youngster from a magical family in Colombia, where their vibrant house holds many generations. Every Madrigal at the age of 5 reveals an inner magic like shapeshifting, talking to animals, super strength or powerful hearing. They, in turn, help the surrounding community. But magic has somehow skipped over Mirabel, who as she grows into a young girl still tries to be useful among a household of Avenger-like siblings.

The animated film addresses the pressure of living up to high expectations and the fear of revealing imperfections.


Tadka Jan 19, 2022 08:02pm
nice message in the movie even though storyline is predictable
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