Wait, did Usman Mukhtar just make Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay seem way more interesting?

Published 15 Jan, 2022 04:31pm

Images Staff

Turns out Aswad's got a sense of humour.

Photo: Usman Mukhtar/Instagram
Photo: Usman Mukhtar/Instagram

Actor Usman Mukhtar recently pulled off something we didn't think was possible — he made drama Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay (HKKST) seem a lot more fun and interesting than we actually found it to be.

The Hum TV drama ended on January 2 and for many, many viewers, the Kubra Khan, Usman Mukhtar and and Mahira Khan-starrer turned out to be a massive disappointment. We might not have had a swell time watching it but seems like the cast had a lot of fun filming it. Mukhtar — who played Aswad in the drama — shared a lively BTS picture of the drama's cast. While the picture is interesting to see in itself, it's Mukhtar's hilarious commentary that really brings it to life.

"There’s a lot of emotions in this picture. And science," the actor wrote in the caption. "While it may seem that Mahira Khan's expression is that of pain, it is actually that of Hanger. It’s been 40 mins without food. Hunger has turned this docile and calm human into a dangerous creature."

"Fish sleep with their eyes open [and] Kubra Khan seems to be following the same sleeping patterns. Meanwhile Zainab Qayoom is singing her unreleased single 'Cool it'. Shuja and Noman Khan in the back are discussing if Biryani is better with aaloos or without."

Mukhtar's fellow actors found his commentary as funny as we did and had things to say about it.

"This dude's captions kill me everytime!" Kubra said on her Instagram Stories.

Mahira had a laugh in the post's comment section as well.

If HKKST were to ever get a spin-off, our vote is for Mukhtar to liven up the characters and the storyline. A comical HKKST starring hangry Mahira and singing sensation Qayoom? Now that's a drama we'd kill to watch.