American rapper Kanye West reportedly wants to go to Russia and make it his second home

Published 12 Jan, 2022 05:59pm

Images Staff

The singer wants to meet President Putin and will be spending spring and summer in Moscow to 'grow his business'.

Photo: Associated Press
Photo: Associated Press

American singer and rapper Kanye West, who now goes by the name Ye, has been in the news lately for a number of things but the latest report has everyone's eyebrows raised. The 'Heartless' rapper says he wants to go to Russia and make it his second home.

According to Forbes, he will be meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin later this year.

An associate of the rapper said that he will visit sometime later this year and is also dealing with a billionaire family that will help him grow his business. West's advisor Ameer Sudan told Billboard that the R&B singer will visit Moscow in the spring or summer "wants to make it his second home."

His adviser also told the publication that Ye is coordinating the trip with lawyer Scott Balber who represents the billionaire Aras Agalarov and his business. Sudain claims that West is currently working on unspecified deals with the businessman and it will help him increase his net worth over $10 billion.

Not only will the Yeezy CEO expand his business, he will also make music with billionaire's son Emin Agalarov who is known as a pop star in Russia. He reportedly also wants to meet President Putin and invite him to one of his Sunday Service shows that he plans to host in the country.

However, Ye's representative Peirre Rougier refuted Sudan's statement and said the things being said are "utterly fabricated" while Agalarov's representative has confirmed that talks have been going on between Ye and Emin.

Both Ye and his estranged wife Kim Kardashian West have been in the news ever since they filed for divorce in early 2021. Just a month ago, Kardashian asked to be declared single but Ye is still looking for the possibility of reconciliation. He even tried singing to get her back at a benefit concert alongside Canadian singer Drake. At the moment both of them are dating other people — Kardashian has been seen with comedian Pete Davison whereas Ye is dating model Julia Fox. The couple have four children together.