Usman Mukhtar bids farewell to Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay with BTS pictures and gratitude

Usman Mukhtar bids farewell to Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay with BTS pictures and gratitude

The male lead takes to his Instagram account to thank his team and fans for the show's success.
Updated 03 Jan, 2022

Spoiler alert! This story has some spoilers for the final episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay has finally ended and it has fans as well as the actors feeling nostalgic. Usman Mukhtar, who played Aswad on the show, honoured it with an Instagram post dedicated to goodbyes and thanked his co-stars, production team and fans for all the show had become.

Mukhtar posted behind the scenes pictures with the team still in their characters' get-ups in some rather comical poses.

He wrote a long note where he made sure to mention each person by name and thank everyone involved, highlighting each aspect of what goes into the making of a television series.

"What a journey. So thankful to be a part of a drama which explored so many variables and nuances of human interaction."

He acknowledged Aswad being a negative character and explained his perception of playing him, saying "understandably Aswad was a relatively negative role to play, but as an actor I’m blessed to have been given such a challenge."

Paying tribute to his co-stars, he said "loved the acting of each and everyone in this drama," with special mentions for female leads Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan and Huma Nawab, "it’s been an honour to work next to Mahira Khan and Kubra Khan . And of course my onscreen mother Huma Nawab who I’m in awe of!"

Mahira recently wrote a sentimental note herself, particularly about the scene with Kubra in the second last episode calling it "the heart and soul of HKKST", describing why it meant so much to her.

Kubra took to her Instagram Stories to gush about the last episode being an "emotional" one for her.

She also re-shared Hum TV's collage from the last episode.

After some serious shares, she resorted to memes — Kubra is, after all, known for her meme game — and tagged Mukhtar in one as well.

In the final episode of the show, Mehreen and Aswad get their "happily ever after" in the form of him finally supporting her. He takes her to Mashal's graves where they both speak to their deceased cousin and then to her nani's house to make amends.

Did you watch the last episode? Are you in the same boat as your favourite stars after watching it?


Citizen Jan 03, 2022 01:35pm
A very good drama. All made their best but after death character of Ms. Kubra Khan was very powerful but always in same clothes.
qalandar khan Jan 03, 2022 02:27pm
Superb performance .Kudos to Usman,Mahira and kubra. Well done
Sane Mind1st Jan 03, 2022 05:11pm
Bad riddance to good rubbish.
Ali Jan 03, 2022 05:55pm
Was good!!
Owl Jan 03, 2022 06:47pm
Worst drama...