Areeba Habib goes traditional for her nikah ceremony

Areeba Habib goes traditional for her nikah ceremony

The actor wore a red outfit paired with heavy jewellery.
31 Dec, 2021

Actor Areeba Habib tied the knot in an intimate nikah ceremony today (December 31).

Just a few days earlier, she distributed a rather ornate glass box of goodies that had a box of sweets, glass-framed invites and a scented candle with her and her now husband's name on it as an invitation.

Habib wore traditional jewellery at her nikah, including a bracelet called panjagla, a jhoomar paired with a teeka, heavy earrings, a choker necklace, a nose ring and a long neckpiece.

Just a day before saying 'qubool hai', Habib also had a grand mayun ceremony where she wore an orange Maha Wajahat gharara with floral jewellery and minimal makeup.

The Jalan actor has yet to share her official photos but the internet has dug them out. The event featured floral arrangements — a staple for Pakistani weddings — and seemed like a family affair with a few friends.

She wore floral jewellery at her mayun.

She made a gorgeous bride but there's more to come and we're ready to see her other looks as well.


AA Dec 31, 2021 08:36pm
Why this guy her husband is wearing sun glasses inside? What a touché bag.
Jaredlee007 Dec 31, 2021 09:19pm
Pathetic tradition that promotes show off.
Dr Salaria Ahmed Part II Dec 31, 2021 10:41pm
Who cares?
Shumail Quyyam Dec 31, 2021 11:25pm
@AA I do not know if he needs a pair of glasses but you Def need eye sight ones
Azhar Khalid Dec 31, 2021 11:50pm
Salaria Amir Ahmed would have said "100% correct"
Azhar Khalid Dec 31, 2021 11:51pm
Dr. Salaria, Amir Ahmed is a legend
Morning Star Jan 01, 2022 12:22am
@AA because she is wearing bright makeup
TR Jan 01, 2022 10:24am