21 Dec, 2021

Cricketer Shadab Khan is turning into a Twitter Q&A regular — nothing like a healthy fan Q&A to get your blood pumping for the next match, eh?

We last found him holding a Q&A on Instagram on December 9. He resurfaced on social media on Monday to hold another fan Q&A, this time on Twitter. But this wasn't your run of the mill celebrity-fan exchange — it was a wildly entertaining one in which fans (or 'Shadabians', as they like to call themselves) asked Khan the wackiest questions and the cricketer happily responded with some wacky comments of his own.

Khan opened up his fan Q&A with a tweet that asked users to use #AskShadab whatever their hearts desired.

True to his promise, the cricketer opened the floodgates on time and apologised in advance for missing out on questions.

Khan entertained many, many tweets in the next hour. At the beginning a fair number of questions he answered were about cricket of course.

"When will you return to test cricket?" asked a fan. "When the team needs me," Khan replied.

With every passing minute however, the questions became stranger. Interestingly, Khan did not hold back from answering them.

"Kia apke toothpaste me namak hai? [Does your toothpaste have salt in it?]," a 'Shadabian' asked. "Pata nahi, kha ke nahi dekha [Don't know. Haven't eaten my toothpaste yet to find out]," Khan answered.

In fact, the witty cricketer gravitated towards so many weird questions that this meme came into being:

"Akal bari k behns? [Is a cow bigger or your brain?]," a tweet asked. "Mary pas dono nahe hain [I don't have either]," came the reply.

"Kabhi gandy sheeshy pa naam likha hai? [Have you ever written your name on a dusty mirror?]," someone asked. "Kaafi dafa. Abhi kal ki baat hai [Lots of times. Just did it yesterday]," Khan answered with pride.

We feel Khan might have indulged these questions because he didn't want to let anyone down. His fans were truly longing to get a comment from him.

"No reply from you, my heart is broken," a fan tweeted. "Yeah lo dil jor lo [Here you can mend your heart now]," he replied, making the fan's wish come true.

We get the feeling he was probably going to spend a sleepless night agonising over how he wasn't able to make every single 'Shadabian' happy with a reply.

"I am cross with you now [for not answering my question]," a fan tweeted. "Mai khud apne aap se naraaz hun [I'm cross with myself too]," he answered.

What is the solution to keeping all your fans happy? Answer all their questions, no matter what.

When a fan asked when Khan is getting married and offered to find a girl for him themselves, the cricketer gave them the green signal with a "Bismillah".

"I don't want a reply, I want a marriage proposal from Babar Azam," a fan said. "Do your job Shaddy". "Kindly contact Babar Azam's family for this," Khan directed them.

"Why is our gas not coming?" asked a flustered fan.

"Aa ke meter check kerta hun [I'll check your meter and let you know]," he replied. Cricketer and the nation's handyman? This is one talented man.

Some international cricketers couldn't help but jump on the silly questions bandwagon, asking Khan some light-hearted questions as well. Australian cricketer Ben Dunk asked Khan if a hot dog is a sandwich.

"You tell me," Khan tweeted back.

Welsh cricketer Phil Salt who plays for England asked Khan which zoo animal does he think he is and why.

"Salty this is why I avoid talking to you," Shaddy replied back cheekily.

Khan soon ended the Q&A, thanking his fans for all their love, support and criticism (the man tried his best to answer your questions okay?). We don't know about Shaddy, but we sure had fun. We're glad to know he has some killer cricketing skills and a sense of humour to match.