From his wedding date to Babar Azam's phone number, Shadab Khan 'reveals' it all on Instagram

From his wedding date to Babar Azam's phone number, Shadab Khan 'reveals' it all on Instagram

The cricketer took to the social media app for a Q&A with fans that covered everything from studying tips to addresses.
09 Dec, 2021

Pakistani cricketer Shadab Khan has all sorts of fans in Pakistan. Some admire the cricketer for his genius playing skills on the pitch, while some appreciate the man as instant crush material. Well, whichever fan you are, the cricketer recently popped up on his Instagram Stories to surprise you with a Q&A, giving all sorts of tongue-in-cheek answers that will surely have you chuckling.

Khan tackled many of his fans' burning questions, his answers revealing something new about the cricketer we hadn't fully appreciated before — he is one witty man. He wasn't afraid to use some humour, and spoons full of charm, to answer slightly awkward questions, questions like "why are you so darn lovely?"

"I'm not the one who's lovely, it's how you're looking at me that's lovely," answered Khan.

"Did you ever get scolded by your mum?" a user asked, the answer to which he responded with a resounding YES.

When a fan asked Khan exactly how much he loved cricket, he replied a deep and poetic "When you truly love something, that love has no limits."

"I'm not able to study properly, can you give me some tips?" someone asked. "I wasn't able able to study properly as well, that's when I started playing cricket," Khan replied cheekily.

And yet, his Matric examination score turned out to be better than he'd anticipated.

A fan finally asked the question many have been dying to ask. When is Khan getting married? He answer to question which was, of course, cheeky. "The question is good, but the answer isn't there," he said.

Turned out Khan's home town is Rawalpindi.

It wasn't long before Khan was asked questions about captain Babar Azam. When a fan asked for Azam's home address, Khan joked about sending the entire thing right away.

He was more than happy to send his and Azam's phone number as well. You crack us up Khan.

Of course, not all his answers were cheeky though. To some fan questions, we got some very heartwarming replies as well. When a fan asked if he misses home when he's away to play matches around the world, the cricketer replied with a solemn "I'm used to it now". Hang in there!

And there you have it, a glimpse at Shadab Khan, his Matric examination score and a whole lot of tongue-in-cheek humour.