Fawad Khan talks about missing Bollywood, Ms Marvel and friendship being the key to his marriage

Fawad Khan talks about missing Bollywood, Ms Marvel and friendship being the key to his marriage

The actor sat down for a tell-all interview about his work, insecurities and his upcoming films.
17 Dec, 2021

Fawad Khan, one of the most sought after actors in Pakistan, is making a huge comeback with multiple projects up his sleeve and he predicts the metaphorical dam is going to break and flood the country with his works. One interview with Khan and we know he misses Bollywood, that he's definitely starring in Ms Marvel and the secret to his long-lasting marriage.

Khan sat down for an interview with Film Companion on December 15 and covered various topics ranging from his long hiatus from acting, his upcoming films, his time in Bollywood and his marriage.

Calling his upcoming untitled web series for Zee5 a project very dear to him, he said "after Kapoor and Sons, this is probably one of those projects where I feel like I made a family on this set. A lot of positivity energy went into making this film. I feel like every time something has a positive vibe in it, it translates well on screen."

Khan's last project was Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in 2016 and apart from cameos in 2019's Parey Hut Love and 2018's Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, we haven't seen him on our screens since. When asked whether he has any insecurities about the number of projects he has worked in, he said he cares more about what he is doing as opposed to how many projects he has worked on.

Breaching the topic of Covid, he said he enjoyed the slowing down and even managed to shoot a few films during it. "It's just been one long party. I've been having a great time at home with my wife and kids, my friends, family and everyone. I'm enjoying life and during that time I've actually shot three films. I know I've been away for five or six years but when the dam breaks there will a lot of stuff to watch."

The actor admitted to having had insecurities as all people do but he also said "as you get older, some people become more insecure and some start letting go of them, I think I'm the latter." Expanding more on his calm outlook on life, he said, "you don't have to be number one to enjoy life."

Khan also expressed excitement over his upcoming films The Legend of Maula Jatt, Money Back Guarantee and Neelofar. He said he was most excited about the audience's reaction to him playing three very different characters. He also predicted that "when the dam breaks, it'll be fun, sailaab ayega, sailaab ayega [there'll be a flood]."

The actor refused to budge when the interviewer questioned him about his role in Ms Marvel but confirmed he's going to star in it.

The recently turned 40-year-old admitted to missing Bollywood saying he made some great friends there with whom he still keeps in touch. He also expressed his liking to the places he's visited saying "all the cities that I've been to I've had a lovely experience."

Giving his two cents on how artists can bridge the gap created by politics between countries he said that they should collaborate and work together, calling it an educational experience. “It increases your exposure and understanding of people from different parts of the world."

He also spoke about his relationship with his wife and said, "I think we've been very patient with each other. It'd be wrong to say we've never had arguments, yes we've faced difficult times but we've powered through.”

The actor revealed that they’ve had moments of being in each other’s face as everyone must have with their families during Covid. Calling it overall “extremely healthy”, he said “there's a lot of love that goes around in our house. We spend a lot of time together and because of this, because of being friends, because of being more than husband and wife, that's what's contributed to this relationship lasting so long."