Twitter users get sappy over the upcoming Harry Potter reunion Return To Hogwarts

Twitter users get sappy over the upcoming Harry Potter reunion Return To Hogwarts

HBO Max is streaming the reunion on Jan 1 to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter and it's got Potterheads in their feels.
Updated 16 Dec, 2021

J.K Rowling wasn't kidding when she said “whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” The Harry Potter series has been a source of comfort for Potterheads all over the globe and to get another piece of it with the cast returning for a reunion has got all the fans excited and emotional for a trip back home.

On November 16, Warner Bros announced that the Harry Potter cast will reunite for a Return to Hogwarts on January 1, to be streamed on HBO Max.

The retrospective will see the cast return to the original Hogwarts boarding school sets that featured in the first film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Philosopher's Stone in the UK) released in November 2001.

Airing the reunion on New Year's Day feels risky but in pandemic times it may just work out. Besides, true Potterheads must've cleared their schedules for this reunion.

These Twitter users sure did.

It really does seem like 2022 is bringing some good luck with it.

Some users made good use of nostalgia and jumped on the how it started versus how it's going trend for the franchise.

Who else is seriously considering a subscription? Because same.

The teaser alone has people this emotional, we can't imagine what the reunion will do.

Users could not resist from going down memory lane and doing a comparison.

Some Twitter users got a little creative while inspecting the official poster.

And others got so excited they created Harry Potter themed art.

If you've watched Ratatouille, this reference will hit the spot.

"Reunite them in a movie you cowards!" That's it. That's the caption.

Some even drew parallels between the Harry Potter trio and a Spiderman trio as they are both making a comeback on screens.

It's been a tough two years and news like this becomes a source of joy for so many people — this year we also got a Friends reunion that left us super emotional — we can’t wait to see how we make it through this one especially since Pakistan has a lot of Potterheads — as made clear by Government College University Lahore's week-long Harry Potter festival that featured a film made by the students.