Countdown begins for Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam with a new teaser

Countdown begins for Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam with a new teaser

The Zee5 series will premiere on December 10 with unapologetic ‘qatil haseenas’ who have no time for drama.
07 Dec, 2021

Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam, the much awaited Zee5 series, is scheduled to release on December 10 with seven women leading the way for many others who have been bearing injustice for centuries. A new teaser has been released for the show on Instagram along with a countdown.

Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam challenges the daily struggles women face in a patriarchal society like our own, but not silently or patiently as we often expect women to be on our TV screens.

Official snippets have been doing the rounds all over social media with a special countdown the show’s release. The new teaser features Samiya Mumtaz narrating, “When horses are ridden in Delhi there will be whiplashes, when the flowers beckon beware of the thorns, desires rope a noose around the neck, duty imposed in the name of love and rights it will be followed by dirt.”

Sanam Saeed, Sarwat Gilani, Faiza Gillani, Eman Suleman, Mehar Bano, Mumtaz and Beo Raana Zafar are the seven ‘haseenas’ who are starring in the thrilling drama serial. The teaser was released on Tuesday and makes us think that more will follow as we count the days till the show releases. The official trailer for the show had released two weeks ago with all fierce ladies ‘killing’ it for real.

Saeed who was last seen in Deedan and Cake, has now returned to the screen after three years. She will be seen in the Zee5 murder mystery drama this year and a film Umro Ayyar in 2022. Zafar and Saeed will be seen sharing the screen once again after 2018’s Cale. .

Recently the stars also shared official soundtrack for their show, composed by Ali Sethi and sung by Farheen Raza Jaffry. It starts with a high-pitched trumpet and flamenco guitar, shifting the focus from music to the dialogue. The mysterious tune fits perfectly with the silhouette of the divas in their respective characters.

Osman Khalid Butt, Ahsan Khan, Sheheryar Munawar and Saleem Mairaj will also star in the series that revolves around the theme of female empowerment.

The show focuses on the fearlessness of women and their determination to avenge deceit, whilst being set in ‘Androon Sheher’ (downtown) — a mythical neighbourhood. Themes of love, ambition, revenge and revolution will also be explored. Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam is a compilation of six stories of seven women who wrestle back control and redefine the word femme fatale.

The female-led show comes soon after Churails, another all-woman show that shook Pakistani viewers. Breaking stereotypes, the show received a lot of backlash for dealing with sensitive subjects in the series. However, this time around we hope that fans as well as viewers look at it from a different perspective and like what this drama has to offer.


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Laila Dec 08, 2021 03:32am
But it won't be broadcast on our national TV channels which the majority has access to? Only zee5?
Kaleem Ullah Dec 08, 2021 01:11pm
Too much violence and knives. That is not how you empower the women. Educate them and make them financially stable.