Pakistani celebrities understood the assignment at the British deputy high commissioner’s 007 themed party

Published 04 Dec, 2021 02:57pm

Images Staff

The James Bond themed party in Karachi was attended by stars such as Mehwish Hayat, Humayun Saeed and Ahad Raza Mir.

Themes add a little jazz to an event, offering greater incentive for the guests to attend and if the iconic James Bond is the theme, who wouldn’t want to dress up and attend? Donning tailored tuxes and gorgeous evening dresses, Pakistani celebrities definitely stepped into a James Bond movie for a recent party held in Karachi.

British Deputy High Commissioner Mike Nithavrianakis hosted a James Bond themed party in Karachi on Friday and some of our favourite celebrities were there.

Producer and actor Humayun Saeed arrived in a dapper pinstripe suit and actor Mehwish Hayat was there looking exquisite in a blue azure dress with ruffled puff sleeves.

Actors Ahad Raza Mir and Imran Ashraf Awan were also at the party. Interestingly, the three men in the picture are all wearing suits yet they’ve all incorporated their signature style and all three outfits look unique.

Senator Sherry Rehman was also spotted there with her husband, clad in a sequined black number. Next to them stands designer Atiya Khan, in a contrasting white, wearing one of her latest designs.

Model Fouzia Aman decided to ditch the dress and stood out with the white button down shirt tucked into black pants, paired with a black round hat.

We guess attending a James Bond party automatically gives you the silence to kill — as long as you use finger guns. Ali Gul Pir and Frieha Altaf took a fun mirror selfie behind the scenes.

Donning a black silk blazer and studded sunglasses, makeup artist Nabila was also seen at the party next to Andleeb Rana. Again, who can go wrong with black?

Rana also posed with designer Shehla Chatoor and British diplomat Fouzia Younis.

Bond may not have physically been there at the party but in spirit, it was 007s all over the place. If good looks could be considered a lethal weapon, all the attendees carried the license to kill. Additionally, it’s always exciting seeing our favourite celebrities out and about, living their lives off screen.