The Omicron variant may not have arrived in Pakistan yet but the memes sure have

Published 02 Dec, 2021 04:24pm

Images Staff

Twitter users look at the lighter side of things where the new variant of Covid-19 is concerned.

The world has been in a state of pandemic for two years and just when we thought the coronavirus was starting to wane, it popped back up with an upgrade. The Omicron variant has a high transmission rate but using humour as a coping mechanism is how we deal with difficult situations.

So far, the first case of the Omicron variant has been reported in the US and the Sindh government is working to strengthen its Covid curbs to tackle the threat.

Pakistani Twitter has done it again — not even the Omicron variant can kill their spirit. But we all know that Pakistani Twitter makes light of all our troubles — from comparing the variants to iPhone releases to touching upon Shafqat Mahmood versus the students fiasco.

Twitter is the breeding ground for digital gold, also known as memes, and the new variant has got people making all sorts of connections and even resuscitating old meme templates.

We definitely spoke too soon — Covid is not ready for a goodbye.

Some users believe Covid is releasing upgrades like iPhones. We would rather have new iPhones, to be honest.

Were the virus a sentient being, we’re sure this would be its facial expression right now.

There’s nothing more important to students than chutti (holidays).

The feud between Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood and the students of Pakistan has been one for the books.

This poster from the 1963 movie Omicron is truly eerie!

At this point, this absolutely sounds like something the virus would say.

One user brought up acne, or should we say mask-ne.

We suppose it’s cool we’re learning some words from a new language.

Some used the Greek alphabet to plan the releases. If Covid is looking for an assistant, this user seems like the right fit.

“Goodbye 2022” this user wrote as Covid birthed another variant so close to the new year.

Where’s the lie?

Omicron may be a threat hanging over our heads, ready to crash, but Pakistanis have a literal funny bone that extracts laughs out of any situation. We hope the memes helped make your mood a little lighter. The best way to combat the virus is to get vaccinated, wear masks, practice social distancing and stay positive!