Some Twitter users might not know who singer Shazia Manzoor is but she's out here living her best life

Published 02 Dec, 2021 02:00pm

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Sliding out of a flashy Lamborghini to belt out a popular Punjabi song? Check. Making fun TikToks? Double check.

Photo: Shazia Manzoor/Instagram
Photo: Shazia Manzoor/Instagram

In case you've ever wondered what Punjabi singer Shazia Manzoor has been up to these days, wonder no more. The 'Chann Mere Makkhna' seems to be having the time of her life and her TikTok account is all the evidence we need to prove this.

Manzoor is known for several Punjabi hits like 'Aaja Sohniya', 'Balle Balle' and 'Chann Mere Makkhna', songs that were all the craze in Pakistan during the 90s and early 2000s. While the singer might not be a prominent fixture in the music industry these days in Pakistan, she's definitely making her presence felt on social media by regularly posting on her TikTok account.

Take this video of Manzoor that's been doing the rounds online recently. She slides out of a flashy red Lamborghini while singing 'Lamborghini' by The Doorbeen, featuring Ragini.

Some people on social media don't know who Shazia Manzoor is apparently. Take this user who called Manzoor "some auntie" and scandalised a good portion of Desi twitter.

Journalist Maria Memon popped in to set the facts straight, as did many, many other desis.

He sure knows who the singer is now, even if he still misspelt her name. It's Manzoor not Mansoor!

Thanks desi Twitter, but we'll take it from here. We wanted to let everyone know that Manzoor is clearly living it up in the US and we've compiled some of her TikTok videos to prove it.

Here's the singer making tandoor wali roti and being applauded by folks who seem to be blown away by her cooking skills.

Has your luggage bag refused to zip up because you've overstuffed it to death? Close it up the Shazia Manzoor way.

Getting a police escort to her own concert as her adoring fans in Houston cheer her on? She's been there, done that.

Here's Manzoor serenading her fans at the concert she made that grand entrance to.

And here she is in Las Vegas, bringing the house down.

And if all this is still not proof enough that Manzoor is living it up, here's the singer serenading the 'Jalebi Baby' singer Tesher at a concert in New Jersey in September and the man is clearly loving every moment of it.

Manzoor blessed Lollywood actor Reema Khan with a visit to her house in November and Khan couldn't have been happier.

The singer isn't only living it up at concerts. She enjoys the simpler things in life as well, like coffee and a car ride in gorgeous rainy weather.

Shazia Manzoor is clearly having a 'Balle Balle' time and we're here for it.