Indian designer Manish Malhotra uses soundtrack from Parizaad for latest clothing campaign

Published 29 Nov, 2021 06:34pm

Images Staff

He used an instrumental version of the hit OST and shared the clip on his social media accounts.

Celebrated Indian designer Manish Malhotra's latest campaign left many Pakistanis startled more for the music than the clothes. In an unexpected turn of events, the fashion mogul decided to use a well-known soundtrack from hit drama serial Parizaad.

The soundtrack fits perfectly with the velour and heavily bejeweled clothing line.

The Indian designer used the official score in an instrumental form, however, a majority of Instagram users in Pakistan don't have access to Reels and can't open them.

This is what the video looks like when you open the Reels
This is what the video looks like when you open the Reels

If you have access to Reels, you will be able to see credit given to the song.

Many users noted that because people aren't able to access Reels, they can't see the credit.

His post immediately got a reaction from Ahmed Ali Akbar who stars in the drama.

Does this mean that Malhotra has been watching Parizaad? We would love if that was true. Pakistani shows deserve love across the border too!

Overjoyed fans of both the drama and designer were delighted and appreciated that the serial is not only reaching new heights in Pakistan but is also making its way across the border. Parizaad is one of very few serials that has been appreciated for its quality, actors and the importance given to Urdu literature.

Criticism aside, the song being used by a well-known designer is a proud moment for all the fans who have been raving about this serial and made sure it gets noticed globally. However, we hope Instagram gives all Pakistani users access to Reels (and Instagram Music!) so they can join in on the fun too!