Nationwide petrol strike leads to long queues, traffic jams and a massive meme influx on Twitter

Nationwide petrol strike leads to long queues, traffic jams and a massive meme influx on Twitter

What do you do when your car has no fuel and you're stuck at home? Make memes of course.
Updated 26 Nov, 2021

Be it an apocalypse or a petrol shortage, there's one thing we count on — Twitter and its jokes. Making the most of any difficult situation, Pakistani Twitter uses humour as a coping mechanism and and this time is no different.

All Pakistan Petrol Pumps Dealers Association announced a nationwide petrol strike on November 25 as the government failed to increase the dealers’ margin by 6pc. This led to people preparing beforehand and of course the day before the strike, there was a frenzy as traffic jams were reported in all major cities and crowds gathered to get their tanks and even bottles filled.

After a long day at war at petrol stations, Twitter users returned home to look through their meme arsenal to battle the deplorable situation.

We would take concerts over petrol shortages any day.

This guy very rightfully placed petrol on a throne. Where expense is concerned, every other luxury is second to petrol — yes, even dry fruits and our dreams.

Someone took a scene out of an old Amitabh Bachchan film to show what one has to go through to get some petrol around here.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Nothing is complete without an element of romance. Yes, even a petrol shortage can evoke the Majnu in people.

Another user's got some valuable advice on love that'll save you some bucks.

This user melded the gas and petrol shortages for a one meme hits all our woes deal.

Truly, petrol hai tou sab hai [if you have petrol, you have everything].

Apparently this user agrees.

This user had the most optimistic take of them all. It's an environmentally friendly alternative too.

Pakistani Twitter users are usually in a whole other dimension when it comes to processing traumatic national events and crises that have our wallets weeping. Nothing fazes them. Everything is fodder for memes and we are here for it. There's nothing like comedy to defuse a tense situation. We hope you got a few laughs out of this, because we sure did!