Move over Squid Game: Korean show Hellbound becomes Netflix's most watched TV show

Published 25 Nov, 2021 05:04pm

Images Staff

The show is about a violent team of demons who hunt down 'sinners'.

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

It looks like hit Korean show Squid Game is no longer numero uno. The dystopian television series that became Netflix's biggest original series launch in October has been toppled over by another Korean show, the fantasy horror series Hellbound. It is now the most watched most-watched TV show on the streaming platform.

According to The Guardian, FlixPatrol Analytics shows that Hellbound became the world’s most watched Netflix television series on 20 November, topping the streaming ratings in more than 80 countries within 24 hours of the show’s debut.

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho of Korean film Train To Busan fame, the pilot of the series premiered at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Hellbound is about a violent team of demons who hunt down 'sinners'. These demons send their victims to hell by incinerating them, triggering mass hysteria within the public.

Squid Game reached 111 million fans in just 27 days, since its release on September 17, easily outpacing UK costume drama Bridgerton, which was streamed by 82 million accounts in its first 28 days.

The creator of Squid Game said the hit TV series will be back for a season two, even though most TV shows in South Korea run for just one season. Due to the show’s global success, Hwang Dong-hyuk said, “I almost feel like you leave us no choice.”

Interest in learning Korean spiked since the launch of Squid Game, tutoring services reported, underscoring a growing global obsession with South Korean culture from entertainment to beauty products.