Shaista Lodhi is going back to the basics on her new morning show

Published 25 Nov, 2021 01:37pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The talkshow host promises to offer a variety of segments to her audience.

Morning shows have been a controversial topic for the past few months but Shaista Lodhi is here to end the controversy. The talkshow host has decided to offer a fresh take on segments and it’s safe to say it’s not wedding festivities or beauty challenges.

Lodhi has replaced Nadia Khan as the host of Morning At Home show that resumed from November 15.

Over the course of time these shows have been stigmatised because of their content but it all comes to down to Lodhi now who is certain that it will be different this time around. Working with PTV, Lodhi has now decided to move past private TV channels in order to grow as a host.

The TV show host was best known as the host of Geo TV’s morning show Uth Jao Pakistan which was cancelled in 2014.

Images spoke to Lodhi on why she has joined PTV. “Reach. It’s important to explore options and be open to whatever comes ahead plus every place has some set of rules so does PTV and all I can say is that it’s a bit different than what I have done previously, so yes I wanted to try something different.”

Lodhi said it’s a fresh start for her and a brand new show for the public in which they have decided to go back to the basics. She also revealed that her intention is to give hope and motivate her viewers as a host. "I will have segments for all kinds women," she shared.

This time, the show revolves around the basics of a morning show. She mentioned that it will be more about greeting the general public, conversing with celebrities one on one and having a variety of segments, such as cooking and skincare tips for the live audience and the ones watching at home. “It’s different from the saturated content you see today where you basically entertain a lot of people, but forget to respect the people along the way, but not anymore,” said Lodhi.

A month before her show, Lodhi told Images television morning shows are declining in Pakistan. "Channels aren't doing more morning shows because it is risky," she said. "They get better ratings from broadcasting a drama. However, one must not forget that viewers want a direct connection [with the show] as well, [something] only a live show can bring to the audience [as opposed to] pre-recorded shows."

Being a talkshow veteran doesn't mean she is immune to a case of the nerves. “Yes I’m nervous, I was for the first week when I started here but not anymore, I guess I’m getting used to it.” But this does not mean Lodhi won’t welcome you with her chic outfits as well as her confident self on this show.

You can now catch her live every morning from 10am to 12pm on PTV Home.