Are Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas separated? Her mom says no

Are Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas separated? Her mom says no

Madhu Chopra asks netizens to stop spreading false information after Priyanka removes ‘Jonas’ from her Instagram name.
23 Nov, 2021

Bollywood star turned Hollywood actor Priyanka Chopra sparked a mini frenzy amongst fans when she removed ‘Jonas’ from her name on Instagram without any explanation, leading to speculations of a possible divorce from Nick Jonas. This tiny change resulted in social media platforms being flooded with comments from everyone but her. After a day of madness, Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra decided to issue a statement to shut the rumours down.

Priyanka and Nick have been in the public eye since they got together in 2018 and the camera lens zoomed in even more after they tied the knot within eight months of dating so it is inevitable that every move of theirs is watched. So when Priyanka virtually changed her surname out of the blue, it caused the internet to start guessing what was happening. But she wasn’t completely AWOL, she did post a character poster from her upcoming movie The Matrix Resurrections on Twitter, blatantly ignoring questions regarding her marriage all the while leaving the photos of the two of them on her feed untouched.

Left in the quiet space where no one confirmed or denied the speculations, many shocked and confused fans jumped to the conclusion that Priyanka and Nick were together no more. Twitter users had mixed reactions.

Some were quick to resort to memes which is an expected reaction because that is how we now deal with change.

This fan obviously didn’t want to believe it was real so they put in the work and made a whole thread to remind everyone of cutesy Nickyanka moments.

Another user expressed sadness.

Though some were heartbroken, there were others who called it a publicity stunt to garner attention for her upcoming movie.

Amidst the madness, someone finally spoke out and it was none other than a close family member — the actor’s mother who called the rumours rubbish, denied claims of a separation and urged netizens to stop gossiping.

Around the same time, Priyanka finally surfaced on social media and commented on Nick’s recent post where he’s working out.

We guess this was her subtle way of putting the rumours to rest.

Priyanka and Nick have both always been very actively expressive of their affection for one another with constant picture posting and commenting. They moved into their first home together this month and even posted pictures of themselves celebrating Diwali together. In her caption, she thanked Nick, the "best husband and partner" for being "what dreams are made of."

Though we still have no direct comment from the couple on the whole name change situation, we do hope for the sake of Nickyanka fans that the rumours aren’t true.