Good news, Sajjad Ali fans — the singer is coming out with a new music video starring Sonya Hussyn

Published 17 Nov, 2021 11:58am

Images Staff

The singer-actor duo couldn't be more excited for the MV which will drop today.

Photo: Sajjad Ali/Instagram
Photo: Sajjad Ali/Instagram

Sajjad Ali fans, rejoice! The semi-classical singer has announced the release of his upcoming single 'Qarrar', the music video for which will star actor Sonya Hussyn.

Both Hussyn and the 'Tum Naraz Ho' singer took to social media on Tuesday to announce the upcoming music video and its release on November 17.

"It's time," summed up Ali.

"Very rarely does one feel this fulfilled as an artist," wrote Hussyn about 'Qarrar' on Instagram. "The very witty and a legend in his own right, Sajjad Ali and I bring [to you] this beautiful piece of art — 'Qarrar'. It was a ball shooting for something so meaningful and full of emotions. Memories that I shall cherish forever."

On the morning of the video's release, the Saraab actor again turned to Instagram to share her excitement.

Looks like Ali's collaboration with Hussyn was a long time in the making. Ali had dropped a hint about 'Qarrar' back in October.

The singer, known for his soulful songs such as 'Har Zulm Tera Yaad Hai' and 'Teri Yaad', is a favourite amongst listeners of Pakistani music. His last music video 'DOST' was released during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. We're excited to hear what his upcoming single has in store for us.