A cake from 'angel' Sania Mirza saved cricketer Mohammad Hafeez's day

A cake from 'angel' Sania Mirza saved cricketer Mohammad Hafeez's day

Pakistan's bhabi did some off-the-pitch rescuing that the Professor is grateful for.
27 Oct, 2021

Pakistan's bhabi — also known as Shoaib Malik's wife Sania Mirza — was the hero cricketer Mohammad Hafeez might have been waiting for his whole (marital) life. The Indian tennis player arranged a cake for Hafeez's wife on her birthday, something he accidentally forgot to do.

The cricketer took to social media to share how Mirza came to his rescue after he forgot one of the most important parts of a birthday — the cake. It isn't exactly clear whether Hafeez meant that he forgot his wife Nazia's birthday or the cake but for the sake of his marital harmony we're going to assume it was the cake.

Mirza also took to social media to wish Nazia — endearingly known as the leader of cricket bhabis apparently — a happy birthday.

Cricketer Sohail Tanveer also wished Nazia and said her birthday gift was the win Pakistan scored against New Zealand.

Nazia posted a video of the cake and her well wishers on Instagram.

Does playing a T20 World Cup match against New Zealand count as a good enough reason to forget getting your wife's birthday cake? Mohammad Hafeez might not think so, given how his tweet has a twinge of husband's regret to it.

Looks like the Men in Green can sleep with ease from here on out. Pakistan's favourite bhabi seems more than willing to bail them out in case they forget birthday cakes. Of course, the reason should be as good enough as the one Hafeez had.